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Simple Wedding Rings

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Your love needs no embellishment. Neither do simple wedding bands. These rings are uncomplicated but powerful statements of your promise to love and to cherish. The looks of simple weddings bands are timeless. These are the rings that instantly come to mind when picturing a wedding band that will always be in style. Read more.

Wedding bands without a lot of bells and whistles allow the shape of the band to star. This shape isn't just a design element, however; it's a picture of unending commitment. Like your love, a circle has no ending point, and simple styles place this symbol of lasting love in the spotlight.

Simple wedding bands are not limited to just one style, however. Rounded rings are the most traditional, but several other silhouettes give unfussy rings new character. Flat bands provide a sleek, updated take on a classic, and innovative concave bands turn the curve of the traditional wedding band inside out for a look that’s minimalistic and modern but still a classic.

Simple wedding rings are not limited to just one texture, either. Try a polished finish for a more traditional luster or a brushed ring for a subtle glow rather than a high shine. Or, if you’d like the best of both worlds, try one of Apples of Gold’s bands that combines two finishes; for example, a brushed center with polished edges.

Wedding bands in white gold or yellow are true classics, and Apples of Gold carries many beautiful examples in a number of widths to suit your preferences. However, your options aren’t limited to traditional white and yellow gold. Simple wedding bands in a number of other metals allow you to adapt classic style to your taste, and two-tone styles allow you to sport two complementary colors, perfectly symbolizing the way you and your partner complement each other.

Titanium bands win the prize for strength are crafted from is used in aircraft. It also gets a nod for being quite lightweight, especially in proportion its strength: although it is stronger than steel it weighs less, which means that it will always feel light on your finger. Cobalt styles are also strong, as well as scratch resistant and shatterproof; as a bonus, these rings can be polished to an incredibly high luster.

The love that you share is strong and straightforward. Why not choose a ring that is, too? Simple wedding bands express that love in ways that never fall out of style.

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