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Traditional Wedding Rings

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The look of traditional wedding bands has endured for a reason: it simply but powerfully communicates the endless nature of the love and commitment in a marriage. Traditional wedding bands have become classics both for their looks and their ability to clearly symbolize the nature of true love. The styles of these rings are truly timeless and speak of a love that’s far more than a passing trend. No matter what fashion fads come along, designs such as these will never look out of place. Read more.

Part of the beauty of traditional wedding bands lies in the way they portray a symbol that’s been used to communicate unbroken love for thousands of years. In cultures around the world, a ring in the shape of a circle—with no beginning or end—has been given as a symbol of endless affection and commitment. Wedding rings with simple, time-honored designs allow this picture of love to become beautifully and powerful evident.

While classic styles are more simple than fancy, they’re far from limited to just one look. Choose from a shiny polished finish that will gorgeously reflect light or a more muted brushed finish for a ring with a subdued sheen. Or, select a band that combines a brushed finish with polished edges for a look for the best of both worlds.

White gold and yellow gold rings may be the most classic of traditional weddings bands, but traditional styles can also be interpreted in other metals that give a big nod to tradition while providing a little something different. Choose a platinum band to symbolize that your love is incredibly rare and valuable or an 18K gold ring to demonstrate that it’s a step above the rest. If your relationship is strong but doesn’t weigh you down, consider a titanium band, crafted from a material that’s strong enough to be used in spacecraft, but remarkably lightweight. Or, pick a cobalt ring for exceptional shine as well as strength, or one crafted from rose gold for a warm, soft glow.

Two-tone traditional wedding bands illustrate how two different substances can come together as one beautiful whole, each complementing the other. These rings to show that you and your partner are better together than you are apart.

The styles of traditional wedding bands might not be new, but they always look fresh. Like true love, they never grow old and they only get better.

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