Aircraft Grade Titanium Wedding Bands for Love that Stands Strong 

No metal can capture the strength of love that lasts a lifetime quite like titanium can. This performance metal is tough enough to be used in aircraft, and was even utilized in the International Space Station! Titanium wedding bands celebrate the resilience of your relationship with sleek styling and unmatched fortitude.

Titanium’s strength lends a huge dose of durability to wedding bands that are crafted from it. These rings are resistant to scratches and dents, making them good choices for those who tend to be a little rough on their jewelry. Every one of Apples of Gold’s titanium wedding bands is made from aircraft-grade titanium, ensuring that it will hold up for the long haul.

Concave Titanium Wedding Band RingIn addition to being incredibly strong, titanium is also remarkably lightweight. It’s both stronger than steel and lighter than steel, making it ideal for aircraft—and for wedding bands that sit buoyantly on your finger. Its strength without heft allows it to communicate a love that never weighs you down.

Of course, aside from these properties, titanium is a great-looking metal! Its cool gray hue can be polished to a sleek, eye-catching sheen or given a brushed finish that’s understated but undeniably classy.

The Concave Titanium Wedding Band Ring is a prime example of the uncomplicated but high-flying appeal of titanium. This modern style turns the curve of the classic plain wedding band inside-out, creating a look that’s simple but intriguing. A shining finish highlights this piece’s unique shape.

A number of Apples of Gold’s titanium wedding bands are given pops of color through an anodizing process that results in titanium oxide designs in a number of hues, including blue and green. For example, the Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring features a modern adaptation of an hourglass-shaped Celtic infinity knot in a brilliant shade of indigo. It’s just one of several of Apples of Gold’s Celtic wedding rings that feature colored titanium.

Titanium Hammered Wedding Band RingHammered wedding bands represent resilient love, and when they’re crafted from titanium, their meaning is magnified. For example, the Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Ring is a picture of endurance in a marriage. Although the band has been repeatedly pounded, creating a hammered texture, it stands strong and refuses to cave.

Black titanium wedding bands have the same properties as other titanium wedding bands, but they have a sophisticated, slightly unexpected look that sets them apart. For instance, the Black Titanium Satin-Finished Carved Wedding Band has a dark, rich sheen that emulates class. Two carved rings divide this band into three sections; a combination of a brushed satin finish on the outer sections and a polished finish on the inner section creates stunning contrast.

Like true love, titanium is strong but gentle. Each of these rings, like every piece in Apples of Gold’s collection of titanium wedding bands, is naturally hypoallergenic.

Black Titanium Satin-Finished Carved Wedding BandAlthough they’re aircraft-grade, titanium wedding bands aren’t expensive—in fact, you can purchase one for approximately the cost of a sterling silver band. Affordability is just another one of the many talents of titanium, allowing brides and grooms of all budgets to celebrate the strength of their love.

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