Joyful Engagement Rings for a Love Beyond Compare 

The book of Song of Solomon opens with a joy exclamation of love from King Solomon’s beloved, the woman who has stolen his heart. She says, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—For your love is better than wine.” Throughout the book, it becomes even more evident that the love that this couple shared thousands of years ago was beyond compare. If the love that you share with that special someone is greater than anything you’ve ever experienced, why not celebrate it with one of Apples of Gold’s joyfully styled engagement rings?

In every chapter of Song of Solomon, Solomon and his beloved revel in their love, unashamedly proclaiming it to each other and to all those around them. His beloved exclaims,

“His mouth is most sweet,

Yes, he is altogether lovely.0.75 Carat Diamond Swirl Ring

This is my beloved,

And this is my friend,

O daughters of Jerusalem!”

In return, King Solomon tells his beloved:

“How much better than wine is your love,

And the scent of your perfumes

Than all spices!

Your lips, O my spouse,

Drip as the honeycomb;

Honey and milk are under your tongue.”

This unabashed proclamation of love stems from a deep affection that cannot fully be put into words. The joy of living as husband and wife is unlike the joy that stems from any other earthly pleasure, and many of Apples of Gold’s engagement rings capture a piece of this exuberance. If your love is too wonderful for words, let one of these pieces do the talking.

0.75 Carat Heart Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, 14K Yellow GoldThe sparkle of a diamond expresses exuberance with its unmatched dazzle, and when numerous diamonds work together to form one lively design, the result is a style that comes about as close to capturing the joy as love as any jewelry can. The 0.75 Carat Diamond Swirl Ring creates a sense of movement that serves as a symbol of the way that true love sets your heart in motion. Like a refreshing ocean wave, 34 small round diamonds swirl alongside and around the 0.75 carat center stone, creating a look that’s contemporary and full of life. It’s perfect for expressing a love that makes you fully alive.

Apples of Gold’s 0.75 Carat Heart Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, 14K Yellow Gold puts a joyful twist on the classic solitaire ring. A heart-shaped stone is the star of this ring, sparkling brilliantly as it sits on a timeless yellow gold band. And, as a bonus, it’s made with 100 percent recycled gold.

Blue Diamond 1/2 Carat Art Deco RingOf course, diamonds don’t have to be white to express joy. Vibrant blue and yellow varies are unexpected additions that can make strong statements about the matchless nature of love. For instance, the Blue Diamond 1/2 Carat Art Deco Ring showcases a stunning round blue diamond that’s revealed by an opening lotus flower. Playful but sophisticated swirls and leaves adorn the band of this time-honored style.

It’s impossible to fully capture the joy of true love in a piece of jewelry, but these styles come close. Consider one of these diamond engagement rings to declare that your love is beyond compare.


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