Let Sapphire and Diamond Rings Light up Your Style 

Sapphire and Diamond Channel Ring - 14K White GoldRings that combine the deep allure of sapphire with the colorless, timeless dazzle of a diamond have a sophistication that never fails to draw admirers. Sapphire and diamond rings combine two classic stones to create looks that always make an elegant impression.

Sapphire is somewhat of a mysterious stone with its dark, mesmerizing sparkle. Its rich, saturated blue is always classy, and when it’s combined with the timeless diamond this color seems to pop, becoming even deeper and more alluring.Sapphire and Diamond Victorian Ring in 14K White Gold

In several cultures, the sapphire has represented the heavens and eternal life, and when diamonds and sapphires are placed side by side, the result is a contrast that’s as brilliant as stars in the evening sky. For example, the Sapphire and Diamond Channel Ring in 14K White Gold intersperses five round channel-set diamonds in between six similarly-sized sapphires, creating a look to rival the clearest heavens on a crisp fall evening. This slender style is the ideal accent alone or in combination of other stackable rings. White gold adds the perfect shining finishing touch to this simple, always elegant style.

The deep, inky indigo of sapphire has made it a sought-after gemstone for thousands of years; from Helen of Troy to Charlemagne to Catherine the Great, it’s been worn by royalty the world over. Apples of Gold’s 14K Gold Princess Di Sapphire and Diamond Ring brings to mind the stunning piece that Princess Diana wore and that now adorns the left hand of the Duchess of Cambridge. A 0.65 carat oval-shaped sapphire is surrounded by a dozen round diamonds, totaling a fifth carat in weight, like the petals of a flower. This style is both fit for royalty and a lighthearted burst of spring beauty.Three Stone Diamond and Sapphire Ring, 14K Gold

The perpetually glamorous combination of sapphire and diamonds is well-suited for styles that draw inspiration from the past. For instance, an intricately-detailed vintage-style setting provides the frame for a striking 0.75 round sapphire in the Sapphire and Diamond Victorian Ring in 14K White Gold. Small diamonds accent this ladylike but substantial piece.

When classic styles are reinterpreted in sapphires and diamonds, the result is a timeless look that’s always striking. For example, the Three Stone Diamond and Sapphire Ring in 14K Gold is one of a number of sapphire rings in Apples of Gold’s collection that displays the simple, stunning beauty of contrast within a three-stone style. Two round 3.5mm sapphires hug a 0.25 carat diamond, all set in classic yellow gold.Sapphire and Diamond Heart Ring, 14K White Gold

The Sapphire and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White Gold is contemporary and undeniably charming. A round sapphire is suspended in the center of a heart-shaped cutout, forming the focal point of this 4mm-wide band. Bezel-set diamonds dot the rest of the band, creating a look that’s cute and lighthearted.

The contrast of darkness and light in sapphire and diamond rings creates a look that won’t go out of style any sooner than the star-filled night sky that it resembles. Let one of these elegant pieces light up your look.


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