Amethyst Rings: Suited for Royalty … and for You! 

No color is linked with royalty quite like purple. The dye originally used to dye fabric purple was obtained from a small mollusk found only in an area the Mediterranean Sea off of the Phoenician city of Tyre, and violet fabric was so costly that only the ruling class could afford it. Purple was associated with royalty from Persia to Rome to Europe, and this regal connotation is still present today. However, while purple may bring to mind images of queens and princesses, this hue is suited for any lady, as gorgeously demonstrated by amethyst rings.Five Stone Amethyst Ring, 14K White Gold

Catherine the Great and Elizabeth I of England were both big fans of amethyst, as are many women today, regardless of whether or not they belong to a royal family. Amethyst rings provide stunning color and sparkle in styles ranging from timeless classics to contemporary looks. Like all gemstone rings that feature semiprecious gemstones, pieces adorned with amethyst are affordable as well as beautiful, providing rich splashes of color at prices that won’t break the bank.

THeart-Cut Amethyst Gemstone Ring, 14K White Goldhe affordability and beauty of amethyst rings makes them excellent choices when you’re looking for a gift for any woman that you believe should be treated like a queen—and that includes yourself! These pieces call to mind a time when chivalry ruled; they can serve both as symbols of love for another person as well as reminders that you deserve to be treated like a lady.

Classic looks such as solitaires and three-stone rings take on a vibrant, regal personality when set with amethyst. For example, the Five Stone Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold is timeless and brilliant. The five round 4mm amethysts that adorn this ring glimmer in violet unison, creating a look that will be loved just as much a few decades from now as it is today.

If you’re looking for an amethyst ring that will explicitly express love, don’t pass by the Heart-Cut Amethyst Gemstone Ring in 14K White Gold. The unique, heart-shaped stone of this piece makes it stand out and allows it to communicate a message without saying a word. This elegant gem is upheld by an airy but substantial contemporary setting that uses cutouts to create a look that’s sure to make a statement.

Art Deco Diamond and Amethyst Ring, 14K White GoldDesigns that combine amethyst with diamonds add eye-catching, glittering contrast to royalty-worthy rings. For instance, the Art Deco Diamond and Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold contrasts a 1.25 carat cushion-cut amethyst, 7mm square, with four channel-set diamonds on each side of this violet stone. The Art Deco-inspired engraved motifs that surround the band give evidence to the high level of craftsmanship that’s been poured into creating this piece. While this ring would have been perfectly fitting for a Flapper, its 1920s design is still striking today.

Amethyst rings of every kind are perfectly suited for any lady worthy of regal treatment. Their richly-colored sparkle and affordable prices make them lovely picks for royalty and for the rest of us.


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