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She won your heart with her offbeat style—a rockabilly goddess with her vintage housedresses and dark nail polish, the life of the party whether it was a church picnic or a rock concert. No common white diamond solitaire could capture and honor her energy, her creativity, her rebel spirit. Silver black diamond rings are made for women like her, unique and free spirited and rare as a four-leaf clover. Whether you’re proposing marriage or giving her an unexpected present, even honoring her April birthday with a nontraditional take on her traditional diamond birthstone, the arresting darkness and depth of a rare black diamond will take her breath and fire her imagination. Read more.

Ancient Romans believed that diamonds were the remnants of stars fallen to earth. Surprise your own shooting star with a silver black diamond ring to show her how special, how extraordinary you know her to be. Whether manifesting her vintage vibe with a thrift store sundress or drawing in the light with her gray suit in a business meeting, a silver black diamond ring will add a bewitching allure to any ensemble. When the depth of the dark stone is set in a geometric art deco setting, it will make her smile, reminding her of her rarity, of the lavish uniqueness that carries with it shades of Gatsby. In a sleek silver band, unadorned except for the gorgeous gunmetal bleakness of the gemstone, a black diamond speaks of an artist’s rebel heart, a woman who broke the mold and shows her toughness and gentleness in equal measure.

Silver black diamond rings have an elegant edginess, the precious diamond ring without a trace of sweetness. An engagement ring for a bride who’ll ride to the church on her motorcycle or a Mother’s Day gift for the mom who taught her daughter to build a birdhouse instead of how to bake a cake. The unconventional ring for the unconventional woman.

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