Chic Black Diamond Rings to Start the New Year in Style 

A little black dress is the ultimate in versatility and the perfect pick for any occasion at which you want to look your best—events like a New Year’s Eve party. Black is adaptable and incredibly flattering, so why limit it to your dress? Black diamond rings are incredibly chic choices for any evening occasion, and can add a unique allure to any ensemble.

While its appearance is similar to that of an onyx, the black diamond boasts not only a rich, deep appearance, but also the many properties that have made diamonds a girl’s best friend. For example, just like a white diamond, a black diamond is the hardest of gemstones, making it not only attractive, but also durable.

1 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond RingBlack diamonds can give old-fashioned styles a modern edge, bringing them squarely into the present and giving them a fresh personality. For instance, the 1 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Ring combines the shapes and motifs of the 1920s with a stone that’s perfect for the present and that looks to the future. A one-carat black diamond gives this thoroughly feminine ring a dose of intrigue as it’s revealed by shining open petals of 14K white gold. An elegant leaf and swirl motif is painstakingly carved into the band, providing textural contrast, as well as an extra dose of elegance. If you’d prefer a little less mystery, but are drawn to this vintage style, it’s also available in 1/4 Carat and 1/2 Carat options.1 Carat Black Diamond Ring with White Diamond Side Stones

The 1 Carat Black Diamond Ring with White Diamond Side Stones is incredibly classy. A 1 carat round black diamond is placed within an octagon-shaped setting, creating a look that’s geometric and intriguingly chic. Three round channel-set white diamonds provide contrast and sparkle to the band on either side of the center stone. While this ring is inspired by the past, it’s an ideal choice for modern women with class.


2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire RingWhen a style features a stone as powerful as a black diamond, it doesn’t need to be elaborate to have a big impact. Solitaires and three-stone rings are jewelry classics, but they get a new shot of style when they utilize these chic stones. For instance, the 2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring isn’t complicated, but it’s just about as far from mundane as you can get.

In addition to their chic beauty, Apples of Gold’s collection of black diamond rings is also relatively affordable. Unlike naturally-occurring black diamonds (which are very rare and, thus, very costly), the black diamonds featured in these pieces are available at a relatively low price. These aren’t “fake” or “created” diamonds, however. Rather, they’re genuine, naturally-occurring white diamonds that take on their dark hue in through a heat or irradiation process.

Whether you’re wearing a little black dress on New Year’s Eve or an outfit with brilliant color, black diamonds are sure to add the perfect touch of mystery, as well as a big dose of flattering good looks. Resolve to add a piece of black diamond jewelry to your New Year’s look!


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