Bridal Jewelry Sets to Celebrate the Treasure of Your Love 

If you and the one you love fit together perfectly despite your differences, consider showing it through your wedding jewelry! Bridal jewelry sets pair a stunning engagement ring with a coordinating wedding band, and together these pieces become even more beautiful than either could be alone. These pairs of rings are a lovey way to symbolize that the two of you are better together than you are apart and that you bring out the best in one another.

1.00 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring SetDiamond-rich engagement ring and wedding band sets celebrate the fact that the love you share is a rare treasure. Each one uses the stone that’s known for its durability and matchless sparkle to create a picture of rare, resilient love.

The 1.0 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set is drenched in sparkle. A 0.40 carat round diamond is encircled by smaller diamonds like a dazzling halo, while additional diamonds cover the top half of the bands of both rings. This glamorous set is a lovely way to celebrate that your love is timeless.

0.98 Carat Art Deco Engagement Ring SetBridal sets inspired by the past—a time when life was less hectic—are gorgeous symbols that your love is worth slowing down for. Savor your connection with a vintage design such as the 0.98 Carat Art Deco Engagement Ring Set. This unique pair of rings is resplendent with the style of the 1920s. A half carat round diamond serves as the centerpiece of the eye-catching engagement ring, while a total of 19 smaller round diamonds accent the bands of both pieces. Beaded edges add elegance and textural interest. When viewed from the side, the rings reveal an additional shade of personality: a geometric repeating Art Deco-style motif is expertly carved, and points to the center stone. In addition to 14K white gold, this set is also available in 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, 18K gold or platinum by request.

0.95 Carat Diamond Swirl Engagement SetIf a more modern look is more up your alley, consider a contemporary style such as the 0.95 Carat Diamond Swirl Engagement Set. The dazzling engagement ring in this pair places a half carat round diamond in the spotlight and accents it with a host of smaller diamonds that sweep around it in asymmetrical fashion like a wave and stud the band. The wedding band in this set is similarly adorned and it matches the slope of its partner in perfect harmony.

While any of these diamond wedding ring sets readily communicate that you treasure your love, gemstone bridal sets are also gorgeous and meaningful options. Try a pair of rings that features a ruby or garnet to send a message of unabashed affection, select a set with aquamarine for a love that always refreshes you or go for one of Apples of Gold’s ring pairings that utilizes a unique gemstone (such as pink topaz) to show that you cherish your one-of-a-kind connection.

The way the pieces in these diamond-laden bridal jewelry sets complement one another is far from ordinary. Try one to represent the treasure of the bond you share.

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