Choosing Gemstone Jewelry that Flatters 

From the rich, fiery red of the ruby to the cool glimmer of aquamarine, gemstones come in a wide array of colors. But, how do you choose the gemstone jewelry that’s most flattering for you? Here are three factors to consider:

Your skin tone: Your skin provides that canvas upon which any ring sits, and by selecting a gemstone ring that compliments your skin’s undertones, you can choose a more flattering piece. For instance, if you have cool undertones, try a piece with a cool gemstone such as the Sky Blue 10mm x 8mm Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold.

Your eye color: While a gemstone ring may not make a big difference in how your eyes look, gemstone pendants or earrings in the right color and make your eyes stand out and seem even more vibrant. By selecting pieces in a color that’s similar to your eye color, you can draw attention to the windows of your soul and brighten your entire face. For instance, the Emerald Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold are particularly lovely for those with green eyes.

Your wardrobe: The colors you wear most can provide good clues regarding which stones might be most flattering to you. Most of us tend to gravitate toward colors that look good on us, and by taking a look at the pieces that your wear most (particularly what you wear on top), you can get a good idea of the colors that may be good picks in jewelry.

Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White GoldFor instance, if your wardrobe is full of pink sweaters and blouses, pink topaz jewelry, such as the Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White Gold, is probably a good pick. This eye-catching ring features a unique gemstone that’s sure to turn heads and compliment feminine colors. A striking emerald-cut pink topaz, a full centimeter high, is the star of this ring as it perfectly combines girlish charm with sophisticated appeal. A total of 38 diamonds serve as accents as they frame this center stone and stud the band that holds it. If, on the other hand, your wardrobe is full of warm, sunny shades, try the similarly-styled 2.75 Carat Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring.

2.75 Carat Citrine and Diamond Cocktail RingYou may have noticed that each of the rings featured in this blog share a common style, and are set apart only by the gemstones they feature. That means that the same style can flatter anyone, simply by changing the gemstone. In fact, all of Apples of Gold’s gemstone rings are available with any gemstone and any metal—if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just email!

French fashion designer Coco Channel once said that the “The most beautiful color in the world is the one that looks good on you!” She had a good point—your unique natural beauty should be accented by what you wear and your jewelry is no exception. By considering your skin tone, your eye color and the hues that show up most frequently in your wardrobe, you can choose pieces that flatter.


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