Celtic Wedding Rings: Designs Inspired by the Homeland of St. Patrick 

3-15-2013 celticknotbandsWith their striking appearance and time-honored designs, Celtic wedding bands are stylish picks for any bride or groom. However, they’re far more than just rings with eye-catching motifs. The knots they display represent lasting love, as well as your connection with your spouse.

Celtic knots twist and turn to form designs with no beginning or end, and their continually curving nature allows them to serve as symbols of eternity. When wrapped around wedding bands, these motifs become pictures of endless love and reminders of undying commitment. In addition, as strands of gold and other precious metals intertwine to form these designs they create a representation of the way that a husband and wife are woven together as one.Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K White Gold

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, let’s take a look at several fashionable and meaningful wedding bands that bear the motifs of St. Patrick’s homeland. Whether you’re looking for a ring that gives a nod to Irish heritage or are simply looking for a piece that represents the constancy of your love, the bands are stylish and meaningful picks.

The Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold provides a contemporary take on a centuries-old knot. This seamless design wraps around a sleek 14K white gold band, providing a symbol of your connection and lasting affection. It’s an excellent pick for both the bride and the groom.

Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K Two-Tone GoldThe Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold uses the contrast between two metals to draw attention to its unique design. A curling Celtic knot twists to from a one-of-a-kind heart motif that repeats over and over around the entire band in gleaming 14K yellow gold. This shining, three-dimensional design is contrasted by polished 14K white gold edges that form a classy border above and below. By combining an intertwining Celtic motif with the timeless symbol of love, this ring is an excellent reminder that your heart and the heart of the one you love are inextricably woven together. This 7mm band is also available in two wider widths by request, if you’d prefer to showcase this piece’s eye-catching motif in slightly bolder fashion.

Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldThe Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is another striking two-tone wedding band that puts the spotlight on Celtic design. This bold 8.5mm-wide wedding ring is crafted from solid 14K white gold and wrapped with a 14K yellow gold knot motif that stands above it and catches the eye as it contrasts with the ring upon which it sits. This pairing of two gleaming colors of gold places extra emphasis on a time-tested design and on the meaning behind it.

Each of the Celtic wedding rings featured here are available in a number of metals, as well in striking two-tone combinations. In addition, each one features a unique comfort fit that allows them to sit more organically on your finger.

Any of these Celtic styles can create a picture of lasting love. Try one to represent your endless commitment and unbreakable bond.

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