New Gold Butterfly Jewelry has Fluttered In! 

14K Rose Gold Butterfly Pendant
Gold butterfly jewelry has fluttered in at Apples of Gold! This collection of lighthearted and beautiful pendants, earrings and more is full of lovely picks for the coming spring season, and each represents new life in its own unique and gorgeous way.

The butterfly has long represented rebirth and second chances. Having begun life as a caterpillar, it is transformed into a gorgeous creature after what seems like the end, making it the perfect representation of starting over no matter what lies in the past. Pieces that depict it are lovely ways to celebrate a new beginning.

In addition, butterfly pendants and other pieces of jewelry featuring these beautiful winged creatures are perfect complements to the floral patterns that are popping up this spring. These pieces seem right at home in the midst of fresh seasonal colors and motifs.

Red and Blue Wings Butterfly Pendant in 14K GoldWhile gold provides the foundation for the pieces in this collection, several of them are adorned with lavish hues, providing looks that capture the colorful beauty of the creatures they depict. For instance, the wings of the butterfly in the Red and Blue Wings Butterfly Pendant in 14K Gold are given a stained glass look with artfully-placed touches of color, created with a translucent acrylic coating. This pendant is a truly unique and gorgeous piece. Two similar styles, the Green and Black Wings Butterfly Pendant in 14K Gold and the Black and Yellow Butterfly Wings Pendant in 14K Gold give this design two new, equally striking looks.

Butterfly Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow GoldThe 14K Rose Gold Butterfly Pendant uses the contrast between two complementary metals to create a sophisticated and striking piece. This majority of this elegant butterfly is crafted from pink-hued rose gold, while rhodium adds eye-catching accents to the wings. It’s a look with hints of feminine vintage style, but also with a sense of contemporary charm.

Of course, butterflies look great on far more than just pendants. For instance, three of them adorn the Butterfly Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold. The wings of these whimsical creatures are filled with airy filigree-like designs, providing a look that’s both light and feminine. These butterflies sit atop a hinged bangle that allows you slip this bracelet on and off with ease. This exquisite bracelet is crafted from gleaming 14K yellow gold, making it a piece with lasting beauty.

Butterfly Earrings in 14K White GoldButterflies are also lovely motifs for earrings, and the butterfly Earrings in 14K White Gold are excellent picks. This pair dangles the airy outlines of six butterflies from your ears—three on each side—allowing them to follow your every movement and flutter in time. The 14K white gold from which they’re crafted gives them cool, versatile beauty that will endure for years to some. Fishhook-style posts enable these earrings to be slipped into your ears on a moment’s notice to add a lighthearted and stylish touch to any outfit.

Pieces of butterfly jewelry are lovely picks, whether you choose one for their spring beauty or for their ability to represent new life. Why not let one of these pieces flutter into your look this spring?



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