Peridot Picks in Time for St. Patrick’s Day 

1.50 Carat Peridot and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldIt might be the birthstone for August, but Peridot is also an ideal gem for St. Patrick’s Day! Its green sparkle with a touch of gold is calls to mind a field full of shamrocks on a sunny day, and peridot jewelry is a lovely pick for the time of year when the earth begins to fill with life once again.

The Romans gave peridot the nickname ”emerald of the evening” because it possessed the unique ability to appear the same brilliant color, even when illuminated by the dim artificial lights that were commonly used after dusk. Peridot didn’t catch the eyes only of the Romans, however; this gem was used in jewelry in Egypt dating back to the second millennium B.C., and many believe that Cleopatra was a fan of its vibrant sparkle.

Five Stone Peridot Ring, 14K White GoldIn truth, the peridot isn’t an emerald at all, but rather a variety of the mineral olivine. Its lively color is caused by the presence of iron, but judging from looks alone, it could be drawn directly from sundrenched spring meadows. This hue captures a sense of life and celebrates it with sparkle, as beautifully demonstrated in peridot rings.

The 1.50 Carat Peridot and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is a timeless design that looks perpetually fresh. A 1.50-carat round peridot, 7mm round, is surrounded by a ring of small round diamonds and set on a diamond-studded band. This style isn’t complicated but it’s supremely sophisticated.

The Five Stone Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold is another timeless piece that’s given a bright pop of color thanks to peridot. Five round peridots, totaling 1.50 carats, adorn this glimmering ring, upheld by a solid band of gleaming 14K white gold.

Roman Art Deco Peridot and Diamond RingThe lively color of peridot allows it to give a fresh look to vintage styles, such as the Roman Art Deco Peridot and Diamond Ring. This 1920s-inspired ring showcases a 6mm round peridot, placed in a hexagon-shaped setting of 14K white gold. Two 0.10-carat diamonds accent this sparkling green stone, one on each side, while a time-tested motif draws eyes to this unique and classy piece.

Pear Shaped Peridot and Diamond Tear Drop PendantPeridot pendants provide a hit of green sparkle around your neck and Apples of Gold carries a variety of styles to fit your personal taste. The Pear Shaped Peridot and Diamond Tear Drop Pendant is a classy example. This chic piece features a teardrop-shaped peridot, 12mm high, and surrounds it with a similarly-shaped 14K white gold frame. Seven round diamonds adorn the bottom of this shining frame, adding extra sparkle and reflecting the green hue of the stone in the spotlight. This bright pendant includes an 18-inch Singapore chain, so it’s ready to slip around your own neck or to give as a gift.

Since peridot is a semiprecious gemstone, jewelry that contains it is significantly more affordable than pieces that feature the other common green gemstone, the emerald. It’s a fresh and wallet-friendly choice for St. Patrick’s Day, for spring and for any day in need of a pop of color that’s full of life.

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