Top Diamond Engagement Rings for Today’s Brides 

04-10-2013 best-selling engagement ringWhile there are numerous factors in what makes an engagement ring truly extraordinary, the best diamond rings all have two things in common: they’re designed with excellence and they’re crafted from only the finest materials. If you’re in search of a ring that exhibits both qualities, check out these three picks, all taken from Apples of Gold’s top 100 diamond rings.

3/4 Carat Diamond Circle Ring in 14K White GoldClassic designs have earned their classic status through their display of style that’s always in good taste, and their enduring beauty has earned them a number of spots in Apples of Gold’s top 100 engagement rings. The 3/4 Carat Diamond Circle Ring in 14K White Gold is one such style. This glamorous ring features a 0.40 carat round diamond and accents it with a 0.35 carats of smaller stones. These gems surround the center diamond, creating the illusion of a larger stone, as well as stud the slender 14K white gold band. The sophisticated sparkle of this piece, coupled with its simple yet stunning design, renders this ring a timeless treasure.

The best diamond rings for today’s brides don’t utilize only traditional white diamonds. Blue and black varieties of these timeless stones add unexpected but beautiful touches to engagement rings. Styles that feature these unique gems are ideal ways to express a love that’s anything but ordinary.

1/2 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond RingThe 1/2 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Ring adds a striking, slightly mysterious touch to a design inspired by the 1920s, by replacing the traditional white diamond with an alluring black diamond. This unique stone peeks out from the center of the gleaming petals of a 14K white gold lotus flower as it opens elegantly to reveal the gem within. This blossom sit on a band carved with an intricate leaf and swirl motif that adds textural contrast and that calls to mind the lavish designs of the Art Deco period. This ring is a wearable work of art and a lovely expression of the beauty of your relationship.

Antique-style engagement rings make up a sizeable percentage of Apples of Gold’s bestselling engagement rings, and they remain favorites for their ability to communicate that true love endures for the long haul. In an age when life seems to be moving faster every day, pieces that call to mind a simpler time are welcome breaths of fresh air and lovely ways to celebrate that your relationship is worth slowing down for.

3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut The 3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring remains Apples of Gold most popular engagement ring, and it serves as a gorgeous example of the ability of vintage designs to capture the enduring beauty of love. A 0.28 carat princess-cut diamond serves as the center stone for this exquisite piece, while two smaller princess-cut stones hug it from either side. Six additional channel-set diamonds adorn the band, as intricate carved motifs make this ring far from mundane. These meticulously-carved floret and leaf designs provide both elegance and charm, and give this 14K white gold ring a big dose of feminine beauty.

Diamond engagement rings such as these are truly extraordinary picks. They’re the perfect way to celebrate extraordinary love.

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