Gold Bangle Bracelets: Four Ways to Wear this Iconic Style 

14K Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet, 8mm (5/16For thousands of years, bangle bracelets have adorned wrists in classy fashion, from the traditional pieces worn by brides in South Asia to the bangles favored by Jacqueline Kennedy to the bracelets seen on recent runways. These sleek circles are able to take any outfit up a notch, and Apples of Gold carries a variety of styles for any taste.

Butterfly Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow GoldPlain slip-on gold bangles are timeless choices, adding an upscale touch that’s never stuffy. The width of these bracelets makes a bit of a difference in their appearance, with narrow versions appearing light and airy and wider designs providing a look that’s bold and eye-catching.

At approximately 1/3 inch wide, the 8mm 14K Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet is the perfect size for everyday wear and, since it’s designed to a last a lifetime, you really can let it perk up your look day after day and year after year. This bracelet is made to order with the upmost of care, hand-crafted from solid 14K yellow gold to make it a piece that’s truly precious and truly one of a kind. While this piece is already heavier than the average mass-produced bangle, you can customize it so that it’s even more substantial.

ISet of 3 Tri-Color Gold Intertwining Bangle Braceletsf your taste tends toward one-of-a-kind statement pieces, don’t miss the Butterfly Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold! This piece provides the perfect balance between daring and delicate: while the size of this piece is bold, the design that adorns it is distinctly feminine and airy. Three butterflies seem to hover weightlessly above this gleaming yellow gold piece, filled with filigree-like designs that add a big dose of elegance and just the right touch of whimsy.

Layering is trendy right now, not only for your clothing, but also for your jewelry. Bangles, especially thin styles, are popular layering pieces, and Apples of Gold’s Set of 3 Tri-Color Gold Intertwining Bangle Bracelets provides a layered look with the convenience of one easy, slip-on piece. Three slender intertwining bangles, one of cool white gold, one of sunny yellow gold and one of warm rose gold, complement one another and work together to create a piece that would partner well with jewelry of any color.

Swirl Hinged Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow GoldHinged bangle bracelets provide all of the sophistication of traditional bangles, while giving them an ease of wear that allows you to slip them on at a moment’s notice. The Swirl Hinged Bangle Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold is a versatile example of this easy-on, easy-off quality. This classy piece adorns a gleaming bangle with a swirling texture that’s just as versatile as its more traditional counterpart. This motif provides a sense of movement that makes it a lively—and lovely—accent. At a quarter inch wide, there’s no place that this bracelet can’t go.

Of all gold bracelets, bangles often provide the greatest stylistic impact. The flawless styling, top-quality precious metals and timeless appeal of the bangles in Apples of Gold’s collection make these pieces true investments for your jewelry collection, and accents that you’ll want to wear over and over.

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