Vacation Jewelry Essentials 

labradorite bead necklaceTaking a vacation might mean taking a break from everyday responsibilities, but it doesn’t have to mean taking a break from style! When you go on a trip, pieces that are versatile and easy to wear make accenting your look a walk in the park— or on the beach.

Jewelry takes up little room in your suitcase, but it gives you a lot of bang for your buck when you’re trying to dress in style without hauling half your closet with you. In fact, you might even be able to pack less when you have the right jewelry to give your look a boost. Don’t leave home this summer without at least one of these vacation essentials!

The 28″ Labradorite Bead Necklace is the perfect piece to add a light, breezy accent to any vacation ensemble from beachwear to a dress for a romantic dinner under the stars. The signature iridescence of labradorite, a variety of the mineral feldspar, perfectly complements any colors, taking this necklace from the first day of your vacation to the last without missing a beat. Faceted beads of this mineral are perfectly combined with sterling silver hoops and discs to create a fun, fashionable accent you’ll love to put on.

oxidized hammered bangle braceletSummer is the season of bare arms, and what better season than the present for bracelets? The Handmade Hammered Oxidized Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet exhibits handmade character that makes it hard to take off. This simple bangle is pounded into shape with care and exhibits a dark oxidized color that usually comes with repeated wear. Like your favorite, broken-in pair of sandals, this bracelet feels instantly familiar.

A rope bracelet is a subtle basic that always works, no matter where your travels take you, and Apples of Gold carries a wide variety to suit your vacation style perfectly. From the petite 1.5mm Rope Bracelet in 14K white gold to the bolder 6mm Rope Bracelet in solid 14K yellow gold, choose the width, length and metal that you like best for a style that you can leave on your wrist all trip long.

Basic earrings are a sure way to add style to whatever attire is in your suitcase. Hoops are an established classic and any kind, from the demure to the daring, will always give your look a pulled-together touch. However, if you’d like to switch things up a bit this vacation, try hoops with a twist, such as the Thin Swirl Design Earrings in Sterling Silver. These dangling mid-size hoops are just as versatile as their plain counterparts, but they add a lively swirl that curls in from one side of each loop. Like a calming ocean wave or a mountain breeze, this little stylistic touch is instantly refreshing and always welcome.

swirl earrings sterling silverPearl earrings are another time-honored jewelry tradition, but this vacation, why not try an on-trend variation of this classic? Apples of Gold’s Natural Freshwater Chocolate Pearl Earrings are a gorgeous bronze color that’s perfect for the season of sun. Set in 14K gold, they’re far from mere costume jewelry. These classy studs will adapt to whatever you choose to wear, no matter how dressy or casual. Whether you’re traveling to the beach or many miles from it, these earrings will be a welcome accent.

These fresh, light basics will take your vacation style up a notch, whether you’re heading to the mountains, to the shore or to going to visit family. Slip at least one of Apples of Gold’s vacation jewelry essentials into your suitcase to keep you looking stylish, no matter how long you stay. Have a great trip!

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