Lightweight Titanium Jewelry for the Dog Days of Summer 

arca titanium braceletWhen the sun is hot and the days are sticky, who wants to wear jewelry that weighs them down? Titanium is the perfect lightweight choice for summer. Although this metal is best known for its strength, its buoyancy is equally remarkable, making it ideal for a season of heat and humidity.

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Titanium is an excellent choice for active summer days and its notorious strength will stand up to whatever adventures you embark on this season. It’s resilient against dents and dings and requires very little care—a big plus during what’s often the busiest time of year. Titanium jewelry, like our top picks below, provides the perfect go-anywhere accent no matter where your summer takes you.

Titanium bracelets for both men and women are incredibly versatile picks that will give off a sense of class all summer long. The Arca titanium bracelet is a natural pick for any guy with good taste. Smooth, slightly rounded lines and clean shapes make this piece a worthwhile investment for this summer and for years to come. The ¼-inch wide Decussata women’s titanium bracelet emulates similar sophistication, this time with a subtle two-tone look created by a combination of brushed and polished metal. Both by Forza Tesori, these bracelets will take you through every occasion this season and beyond.

Apples of Gold’s Titanium Maltese Cross Ring gives a symbol of redemption a look that’s both cool and attention-grabbing. Black engraved Maltese crosses are engraved around this band, adding contrast and significance.

titanium cross pendantIf you want to demonstrate a faith that’s strong, consider Apples of Gold’s Titanium Cross Pendant: a 1 1/4″ tall, expertly-crafted statement. This is a solid pendant that won’t weigh you down. And, since it’s made from a metal with the fortitude to hold aircraft together, it’s symbol that will speak volumes for years to come.

The Titanium Heart Pendant Necklace is the ideal way to represent a love that makes you feel lighter than air. This ¾”-tall pendant is big enough to make a statement, but won’t it overwhelm. And, since it comes with an 18″ steel chain with a secure lobster claw clasp, it’s ready to become a thoughtful gift or to slip on your own neck the moment you receive it.

This summer, don’t let your jewelry weigh you down! Let these titanium picks take you through even the muggiest days in both comfort and style.


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