Opal Rings: Three Ways to Wear the “Queen of Gems” 

04-11-2013 opal heart ringIn his comedy “Twelfth Night,” Shakespeare wrote that “the tailor make thy doublet of changeable taffeta, for thy mind is a very opal.” In other words, he used to opal to describe the ability to change with a moment’s notice, giving a nod to this gem’s ability to reflect one color one minute, and another color the next. A few lines later, Shakespeare refers to this stone as “queen of gems,” and it’s a fitting description for a gem that can complement your look no matter what you’re wearing. Opal rings are a lovely way to wear this versatile stone.

Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring, 14K Yellow GoldThe origin of the word “opal” also provides a big clue to its appearance: it comes from the Greek word “opallios,” which means “color change.” This stone’s multi-hued iridescence has made it a long-standing favorite, and its ability to reflect a rainbow of colors makes it universally flattering.

The Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring in 14K Yellow Gold is an elegant example of this gem’s adaptable beauty. A 4mm-high oval-shaped opal is the centerpiece of this lovely ring, reflecting a range of colors in elegant fashion. However, this isn’t the only source of glamour held by this ring. This chic opal is hugged by two clusters of small diamonds that perfectly complement the iridescence of the stone they support. This collection of versatile gems is held by a gleaming 14K yellow gold band that seems to sweep around them like a graceful wave, creating a look that’s contemporary and full of life.

Real Opal and Diamond Heart Ring, 14K White GoldHeart rings are always much-appreciated symbols of affection, and when they feature the opal they become pictures of the many shades of your love. By displaying a stone that’s able to reflect a wide range of colors, these rings celebrate that your relationship is anything but one-dimensional.

The Real Opal and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White Gold is an unmistakably romantic piece, as its 5mm-high oval-shaped opal is set on a band adorned with a graceful heart motif. Two series of graceful carved hearts, one on each side, point the way to the center stone while creating a message of your affection. The two hearts closest to the central opal are each adorned with a small round diamond, adding a touch of glimmer and a symbol of the way that your love sets your heart aglow.

14K Gold Opal Heart RingThe 14K Gold Opal Heart Ring is another gorgeous example of the way that opal can give a new shade of meaning to the classic symbol of love. This graceful piece places a 6mm-high oval-shaped opal in the center of a sweeping heart of gleaming 14K white gold, and places it on a sleek, slender white gold band. Two small diamonds accent this heart on either side, providing the perfect, glittering complement. This timelessly beautiful expression of love is also available in 14K white gold.

Pieces of opal jewelry, such as these lovely rings, can go anywhere and complement anything. They demonstrate why the opal has been lauded as “queen of gems.”

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