Birthstone Spotlight: Diamond 

02-26-2013 Floral-Inspired Marquise Diamond RingIn the month that’s known for showers, a gemstone that sparkles with unmatched brilliance is the perfect pick. As the birthstone for the month of April, the diamond glitters like a raindrop that’s caught the sun. It reflects a rainbow of colors, allowing diamond jewelry to serve as a reminder of the things to come when the showers have past.3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut

No gem has captured eyes and imaginations like the diamond. Its ability to reflect light and its universally flattering sparkle have made it the stone of stones, able to take your breath away in a single glance.

The diamond is the hardest naturally-occurring substance, making it well-suited to represent the strength and resilience of love. It ranks a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, a measure of hardness, making it a lasting symbol of affection and commitment. This hardness allows the diamond to retain its polish for the long haul and to resist scratches for a lifetime—and beyond.

0.50 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K White GoldWhile the diamond is frequently associated with love, this gem is an extraordinary pick for a wide range of jewelry. For example, the lasting beauty of the diamond makes it an ideal pick for styles that are taken from the past, and vintage diamond rings are among the most popular pieces that Apples of Gold carries. The 3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring is stunning example. Three princess-cut diamonds (one 0.28 carat stone and a smaller stone on each side) are the centerpieces of this antique-style piece, while six round channel-set diamonds adorn the band. Carved into three sides of this 14K white gold ring is a detailed leaf and floret motif that adds a big dose of feminine appeal and that sets this piece apart. While this ring is Apples of Gold’s bestselling diamond engagement ring, its striking vintage style also makes it a lovely piece for your right hand.

Of course, you can’t talk about diamond rings without mentioning the classic solitaire. Rings such as the 0.50 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold are the ultimate in simple, stunning elegance as they let the matchless brilliance of the diamond take the spotlight.

Women's Diamond Cross RingIf you’d prefer a diamond ring with a more unique flair, don’t miss the Floral Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold! This dazzling piece captures the joy of spring and preserves its abundant sparkle. A 0.37-carat marquis-cut diamond serves as the center of an ever-blooming flower, while 34 additional round stones serve as glimmering petals and stud the slender band.

The permanence of a diamond also makes it a wonderful way to express your faith, as demonstrated by the Women’s Diamond Cross Ring. This feminine statement of devotion accents a cross that wraps elegantly around your finger with five small round diamonds. A thin, gleaming band holds this symbol of faith.

14K White Gold Men's 3 Stone Diamond Ring (0.21 Carats)Although diamonds are “a girl’s best friend,” these gems aren’t just for women. Apples of Gold carries a range of men’s diamond rings, including the 0.21 carat 14K White Gold Men’s 3 Stone Diamond Ring. This sleek, contemporary piece displays three round channel-set diamonds, offset with by a clean, ¼-inch-wide band of highly-polished 14K white gold for a look with undeniable class.

Although white, glittering stones usually come to mind when picturing a diamond, these traditional gems are far from the only way to wear the April birthstone. Blue diamonds and black diamonds provide unexpected and eye-catching takes on styles ranging from classic to contemporary.2.00 Carat Three Stone Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds convey a sense of mystery and sophistication with their deep, polished shine, and the glamour that they add to even the most simply-styled black diamond rings is undeniable. For instance, the 2.00 Carat Three Stone Black Diamond Ring updates the classic three-stone ring with three striking round black diamonds: a center one-carat stone and two half-carat side stones, held simply by a shining 14K white gold band.

0.93 Carat Blue and White Diamond Swirl RingBlue diamond rings provide a colorful take on diamond jewelry as they sparkle with a vibrant hue that’s lighter and brighter than that of a sapphire and richer than that of an aquamarine. The 0.93 Carat Blue and White Diamond Swirl Ring is a lovely example of the unique beauty of this vibrant gem. A dazzling 0.60 carat round blue diamond is accented by 33 small round white diamonds that add striking contrast as they sweep around the center stone like a wave and adorn the band in two glittering rows.

14K Two-Tone Gold Diamond Heart PendantDiamond pendants are gorgeous ways to wear the April birthstone, and they make lovely gifts for anyone with a birthday this month—no sizing required! If you’re looking to demonstrate your love with a dazzling necklace, consider the 14K Two-Tone Gold Diamond Heart Pendant. This graceful pendant combines a gleaming white gold heart, the bottom half of which is studded with diamonds, with a half heart of shining yellow gold that matches the curves of its counterpart in an affectionate embrace.

Diamond earrings can also serve as lovely gifts as their dazzle brightens any face and flatters any complexion. The 1/2 Carat Channel Set Diamond Hoop Earrings display classy, classic style and would be appreciated by nearly any woman, young or old. Channel-set diamonds give these shining 14K white gold hoops sparkling appeal that’s always in good taste. At a little under ¾ inches from top to bottom, this pair is the perfect size for any day, and snap-down posts keep them securely in place.

1/2 Carat Channel Set Diamond Hoop EarringsDiamond stud earrings for women are also timeless picks and Apples of Gold carries varieties for every taste. Whether you choose a round or princess-cut pair, and no matter what size you select, these earrings are sure to become a staple of your jewelry collection. Try blue diamond or black diamond studs to put a twist on tradition, or stick to the classic look.

From traditional white diamond jewelry to black diamond pieces to blue diamond jewelry, there any many ways to wear the April birthstone! Try one of these pieces to chase away the showers.

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