Birthstone Spotlight: Amethyst 

You may know it as the February birthstone or simply as a pretty purple gem, but regardless, amethyst is a stone that’s hard to ignore. Its violet sparkle gives amethyst jewelry of all kinds a touch of regal beauty.

Amethyst is the most precious stone in the quartz family. Its lush purple color comes from the presence of iron, and this rich hue has given this stone a reputation of royal association that has persisted for Three Stone Amethyst Ring, 14K White Goldthousands of years.

Amethyst is relatively abundant, which means that the amethyst that is selected for use in jewelry is free of inclusions or flaws. This abundance also lends it affordability. As semiprecious gemstones, amethysts are relatively wallet-friendly despite their royal reputation.

Amethyst has been long been associated with royalty, at least partly due to its rich purple hue. The dye that was used to produce violet fabric was once incredibly expensive, and could only be afforded by the ruling class. Thus, this color become linked with kings, queens and princesses, a connotation that carries over to the present day.

Cushion Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldAmethyst rings of all kinds carry this connotation and even simple styles communicate regal beauty. If you’re looking for a demure yet dazzling amethyst style, be sure to check out the Three Stone Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold. This sweet, simple ring hugs a 0.40 carat princess-cut amethyst with two 0.15 carat round amethysts for a look that allows the natural beauty of the stones to take the spotlight.

Amethysts aren’t only for fairy tale princesses, however. Many real-life members of the ruling class have loved this gemstone, demonstrating that its beauty is truly suited for royalty. For example, the Russian empress Catherine the Great favored amethyst, and this stone is found in the British crown jewels. From the Egyptians to the Romans to numerous other civilizations around the globe, the amethyst has been prized as an object of beauty.

Art Deco Diamond and Amethyst Ring, 14K White GoldThe Cushion Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is fit for a princess as it showcases the gorgeous contrast that’s created when diamonds and amethyst cooperate. An eye-catching cushion-cut amethyst, 8mm square, is the focal point of this ring, accented by over a third carat of diamonds that frame this center stone and stud the band. This simple yet sophisticated style has a glamorous vibe that will always be in style.

Amethyst’s long history as a treasured gemstone makes it a lovely choice for styles that are inspired by the past. For instance, the Art Deco Diamond and Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold captures the excitement of the Art Deco Period and gives it a touch of regal personality. A 7mm cushion-cut amethyst rises from this time-honored design, presiding over the eight channel-set diamonds that adorn the band. Beaded edges and a repeating motif give this ring distinct 1920s flavor.

Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in .925 Sterling SilverThe Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in .925 Sterling Silver could have been pulled straight from a fairy tale, but in actuality, this design originated in the Victorian Era. This striking ring places a glimmering oval-shaped amethyst, a full centimeter wide, within an intricately-crafted setting that calls to mind the romance of times past. Tiny carved flowers stud the band as it swoops up to meet this sparkling centerpiece, adding whimsy and feminine charm. In addition, since this style is crafted from sterling silver, it’s remarkably affordable. Like all silver amethyst rings, it combines a budget-friendly semiprecious stone with an equally budget-friendly metal, making it a lovely gift if you’re short on cash.

In addition to their ability to serve as gorgeous fashion statements, amethyst rings can also serve as unique symbols of love. Many little girls dream of being princesses and of the day when a prince will come, and amethyst engagement rings are lovely ways to celebrate that this day has finally arrived.

6mm x 4mm Oval Shaped Amethyst and Diamond Flower Earrings in 14K White GoldThe feminine purple hue of amethyst provides a welcome splash of color during one of the coldest months of the year, making it a fitting gem to serve as the February birthstone. While jewelry that features this stone is a thoughtful way to honor anyone with a February birthday, its appeal is far from limited to those who were born in the shortest month of the year.

0.65 Carat Amethyst Heart Pendant, 14K White GoldStud earrings are timeless, and when those studs are crafted with amethyst, they add a regal touch to any day. They also make excellent gifts! Apples of Gold’s Amethyst Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold are available in your choice of three stone sizes (6mm, 7mm or 8mm), as well as your pick of push back or screw back closures. This pair of basket-set stones coordinates perfectly with any amethyst jewelry or stands on its own as an understated, elegant accent.

If you’d prefer amethyst earrings that are a little fancier, consider the 6mm x 4mm Oval Shaped Amethyst and Diamond Flower Earrings in 14K White Gold. This pretty pair forms flowers from 6mm-high oval-shaped amethysts, surrounding them with smaller diamonds to create gorgeous blossoms with glimmering violet centers and sparkling white petals.

Amethyst pendants are yet another way to wear the regal February birthstone, and they make excellent for gifts for nearly any special lady on your list. For instance, the 0.65 Carat Amethyst Heart Pendant in 14K White Gold surrounds a 6mm heart-shaped amethyst with an elegant heart of 14K white gold, accented with whimsical heart- and swirl-shaped cutouts. An additional heart adorns the bale of this romantic piece, making this pendant a beautiful way to express your love.

Amethyst and Black Diamond Royal Pendant in .925 Sterling SilverIf you’d prefer a unique amethyst pendant with a chic, dark twist, don’t miss the Amethyst and Black Diamond Royal Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. This sophisticated sterling silver piece places a sizable oval-shaped amethyst within a scalloped frame encrusted with black diamonds. Additional black diamonds accent the bale, completing a look that’s elegant and alluring.

Amethyst may be the birthstone for February, but it’s so much more! This elegant purple gem gives a touch of regal color and welcome sparkle to rings, earrings and pendants any time of year.


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