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Sterling Silver Amethyst Rings


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Silver Amethyst Rings

The spectrum of amethyst ranges from the vibrant purple of the first brave crocus petals pushing their way up through the cold earth to the soft porcelain lavender of a field in Provence. By turns bold and delicate, a silver amethyst ring always makes a statement. Suitable for any occasion and flattering with any professional, casual or formal ensemble, a silver amethyst ring is a luxurious accessory for the woman in your life—or for yourself. Read more.

February’s birthstone makes for a memorable gift. Vintage, rustic or contemporary, the silver amethyst ring may be set in a way to reflect the personality of the wearer. As Valentine’s Day is also in the month of February, a silver amethyst ring is a romantic gift to commemorate the occasion—and it adds the element of the unexpected, giving your beloved something to unique to display amid the sea of generic diamond heart pendants purchased by unimaginative suitors at the local mall. If your anniversary is in February, choosing amethyst for a love token has even greater meaning.

According to recent studies, purple is the second most popular color (only blue is more adored) and the color is often equated with femininity. A silver amethyst ring is sure to please when such a swath of the population favors regal, elegant purple. The glint of an amethyst stone, whether in a modest or flamboyant size and setting, will catch the (possibly envious) eyes of all her friends and family. Consider the possibility of a silver amethyst ring for a betrothal symbol. In the 21st century, more couples are choosing colored stones for unique engagement rings, and amethyst, with its range of hues and popularity, can symbolize the warmth of your devotion in a way that the icy white of a diamond could never capture.

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