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Sterling Silver Amethyst Jewelry


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Silver Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst, a semiprecious stone from the quartz family, has long been valued for its romantic purple hue. In ancient Egypt, amethysts signified calmness and was used to craft amulets and in the Middle Ages, the gift of an amethyst set in silver (especially in the shape of a heart) was perceived as the ultimate token of true love—it was often given to a knight by his lady in those days of chivalry. Saint Valentine, that patron of lovers, wore an amethyst ring always and it became known as Valentine’s stone. Brilliant purple amethysts grace the British Crown Jewels and, perhaps because of this, the majestic amethyst is often associated with royalty. Silver amethyst jewelry has been prized throughout the ages for its beauty and delicacy. Read more.

In the late Victorian period, the dainty filigreed pendants showcasing amethysts enjoyed great popularity. Dramatic and stunning, large amethysts were set as showstopping center stones in lavish Edwardian jewelry, particularly earrings and necklaces. In the 1920’s, Gatsby-esque flappers danced the Charleston with amethyst hairbands glittering in the starlight. Throughout history, silver amethyst jewelry has attracted the glamorous and fashionable. Exquisite in richly detailed antique-style or Victorian earrings, amethyst’s purple hue exudes delicate femininity. Silver amethyst jewelry is versatile, as it is equally lovely set in a cross pendant or adding luster to long earrings strung alongside other gems.

Delicate silver amethyst jewelry, especially with a paler stone, has a buoyant youthfulness, making it a special gift for a girl or young woman. Modest when paired with pearls or peridot in silver, amethyst can also make a powerful statement flanked by diamonds. The dramatically deep purple amethyst of drop earrings or a distinctive bracelet is ideally suited for a woman who knows her own mind and commands the royal purple hue with grace and confidence. Choose the shade and setting of silver amethyst jewelry that reflects your personality in brilliant purple light.

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