Sapphire Engagement Rings to Light Up Your Christmas Proposal 

Starry nights seem even more magical around Christmas, and no gem captures the glimmer of the stars in the heavens on a crisp December evening quite like the sapphire. If you’re planning a proposal this holiday season, consider popping the question with class with one of Apples of Gold’s sapphire engagement rings.

The ancient Persians believed that the earth balanced upon a sapphire, and that its reflection was what gave the sky its color. When you gaze at the heavens on a clear evening, it’s not hard to see how they came to this conclusion. The deep blue hue of sapphire is rich and sophisticated, and it’s made this gem a perpetually sought-after choice for thousands of years.

Three Stone Sapphire Engraved Ring, 14K White Gold

While sapphire isn’t the tradition choice for engagement rings, this gem has adorned the left hans of a number of classy women. Several leading ladies of Hollywood’s Golden Age, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Jean Harlow, wore sapphire engagement rings, as does the present-day Duchess of Cambridge.

As is demonstrated by Kate Middleton’s famous engagement ring, the combination of sapphire and diamonds results in truly dazzling designs. The gorgeous contrast between these two stones is seen in the Three Stone Sapphire Engraved Ring in 14K White Gold. This stunning ring features three oval-shaped sapphires, totaling 0.75 carats in weight, as the centerpiece; 10 channel-set diamonds, over a quarter carat in all, serve as sparkling accents. A meticulously carved band adds an extra touch of style to this already glamorous ring.

Sapphire and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White GoldThe color of a sapphire makes it a fitting stone for expressing a love that’s true blue and engagement rings that feature both this indigo gem and a heart motif reinforce the message of your affection. For instance, the round 5mm sapphire in the Sapphire and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White Gold is flanked by two diamond-accented hearts, creating a look that’s not shy in expressing your true feelings. This ring has touches of Art Deco design, but it’s far from lacking in contemporary appeal. In addition to 14K white gold, it’s also available in available in yellow gold, 18k gold or platinum by request.

Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring SetSapphire adds a rich touch to vintage engagement rings. Its time-honored beauty fits seamlessly with Victorian and Art Deco designs, while its alluring glimmer ensures that these rings are anything but stuffy. For instance, while your great-grandmother may have worn rings similar to those in the Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring Set, this pair is perfect for the present. The focal point of this set is a round, 4.5mm round sapphire, which adds depth to the intricately-carved setting of graceful swirls and cutouts of the engagement ring. A coordinating wedding band reflects this feminine motif and curves to form the perfect partnership. It’s one a several of Apples of Gold’s bridal ring sets that feature the timeless glamour of sapphire.

As you’re planning your proposal, don’t overlook sapphire! Engagement rings that feature this striking blue stone are perfect for expressing a love that makes your heart sparkle like a star-filled sky.

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