Pretty in Pink Topaz Rings 

‘Tis the season for jewelry that’s bold and sparkling! That means that it’s the perfect time to don eye-catching pink topaz rings!

While pink isn’t the first color that many of us think of when considering what jewelry to wear for Christmas events, it’s an excellent choice to reflect the lights of the season and to complement the silvers and golds that ring in the New Year. And, as the darkest time of year approaches, its vibrancy is especially welcome.

Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

Pink topaz skillfully and gorgeously combines feminine charm with a bit of an edge. Its brilliant color is next to impossible to ignore, and it gives a range of styles undeniable pop. For instance, traditional looks like five-stone rings assume a bright, contemporary sensibility when set with pink topaz. Rings that contain this unique gem are simultaneously sophisticated and playful, and they refuse to be ignored.

So, what is pink topaz? While topaz with a pink hue is found in nature on a rare occasion, topaz can also take on this color in a lab through a heat and irradiation process, making pink topaz much more accessible. In fact, even pink topaz rings with sizable stones are quite affordable. These pieces offer lots of stylistic impact without making a big dent in your bank account.Pink is one of the colors that’s traditionally associated with love, and the Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold playfully expresses affection. This romantic ring features a 10mm-high heart, an unabashed representation of love. A curving, contemporary setting, adorned with five small diamonds, sweeps around the center stone to create a look that’s sweet but far from shy.
Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White Gold


As little girls, many of us associate the color pink with the princesses of our imaginations and the Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White Gold is fit for any royalty. A 4.50 carat emerald cut pink topaz is the star of this stunning ring, providing a big dose of daring dazzle. A total of 38 small round diamonds form a frame around this head-turning stone and encrust the band, for a style that’s rich, classy and bursting with personality.

1 Carat Pink Topaz Art Deco Bridal Ring Set, 14K White GoldVintage engagement rings take on a modern, daring personality when set with pink topaz, as demonstrated by the 1 Carat Pink Topaz Art Deco Bridal Ring Set in 14K White Gold. This 1920s-inspired bridal jewelry set features a dazzling 1 carat round pink topaz stone, revealed as a 14K white gold lotus flower opens. Contrasting these smooth petals, a detailed motif of leaves and swirls adorns the band with old-fashioned flair. A wedding band featuring this same design offers a perfectly coordinated complement that makes this look complete. This set is ideal for expressing a love that’s unashamed and full of life.

Of all gemstone engagement rings, pink topaz rings are among the boldest. In a season filled with lights and celebration, these designs provide daring dazzle with a big dose of poppy personality.



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