Topaz Jewelry: Color that Outlasts the Falling Leaves 

T1 Carat Three Stone Blue Topaz Necklace, 14K White Goldhe season of colorful leaves may be coming to a close, but it’s always prime time for vibrant color when you wear topaz! Topaz rings, pendants and earrings come in a number of brilliant colors that will remain radiant into the grayest months of the year and beyond.

Pure topaz doesn’t have much color of its own, but in most cases impurities tint this gem. In addition, topaz is often treated through heat and irradiation to give it a number of stunningly vibrant hues that have made it a favorite for fine jewelry.

Blue topaz in varying shades is arguably the most popular color of topaz, and it’s not hard to see why so many love these indigo stones. Like a darker, more saturated aquamarine, Swiss blue topaz, also known simply as “blue topaz,” is featured in most of Apples of Gold’s blue topaz jewelry.  Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond RingDeeper than sky blue, the look of this gemstone is like the shade of the heavens toward the end of a crisp fall day. The 1 Carat Three Stone Blue Topaz Necklace in 14K White Gold demonstrates the way this eye-grabbing stone can add a shot of vibrancy to a simple traditional style as a 5mm blue topaz is hugged by two similar but slightly smaller gems, all hanging on a 18” cable chain. The Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold coordinate perfectly with any blue topaz pendant, but they’re also an ideal everyday accent for lovers of timeless pieces in lively hues.

If you’re looking for a slightly darker shade of blue, London blue topaz delivers. It’s the deepest variety of blue topaz, exhibiting a rich, slightly steely hue with undeniable glamour, as demonstratedPear Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Tear Drop Pendant by the Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring. The emerald-cut 4.70 carat London Blue topaz in this ring is a full centimeter high, framed by diamonds and set upon a diamond-encrusted band.

At the opposite end of the color spectrum, pink topaz jewelry is also a star when it comes to bright sparkling style. It’s next to impossible to ignore this punchy pink gem as it adds a fun and feminine touch to a number of rings, pendants and earrings. For instance, a 12mm-high teardrop-shaped pink topaz steals the show in the Pear Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Tear Drop Pendant, seeming to float over a curving line of seven round diamonds.

The visual zing of pink topaz also allows this stone to give a lively twist to heart jewelry such as the 1.50 Carat Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold. A pair of 6mm heart-shaped pink topaz stones adorn these perfectly pretty earrings, creating a look that’s girly and grown up at all once.

1.50 Carat Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Earrings, 14K White GoldAs the hues of the autumn leaves fade, why not invest in some brilliant colors that won’t grow dim as the seasons change? The eye-catching looks of topaz pendants, rings and earrings—whether you choose pink or a shade of blue—add pops of vibrancy that are sure to brighten your jewelry collection all through the year.



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