Why Vintage Wedding Bands are Perfect for Today … and Tomorrow 

Many of the styles that your grandparents and great-grandparents wore are surprisingly relevant today. The designs of Vintage wedding bands may be inspired by the past, but their perpetually gorgeous looks can easily mesmerize in the present.

Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band, 14K White GoldWedding bands with vintage flair leave no question as to whether or not their style has staying power. These rings have already proven that they can stand the test of time, growing more beautiful and precious as the decades pass.

Top-notch craftsmanship often sets the designs of the past apart, and vintage wedding rings that have been created by hand are both a tribute to the times that inspired them and a statement of love that compels us to give the best of ourselves to another person. The Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is an exquisite example of the fine craftsmanship that has defined truly great rings for generations. An intricately-carved four-petal flower motif wraps around both the sides and the outer surface of this ring, giving it irresistible feminine charm from every angle.

XOXO Design Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldFrom the top, the 1/4 Carat Diamond Paisley Wedding Band looks like a classic eternity band, but it’s so much more. This 4mm 14K white gold band dazzles with 0.23 carats of round diamonds, set off by smooth, shining edges. From the sides, however, a new aspect of this ring’s personality is revealed: lively paisley designs add an element of elegance and set this ring apart from ordinary diamond-laden bands.

Vintage wedding bands are some of the most popular white gold wedding bands for women due not only to their good looks, but also to their ability to interpret symbols of love in designs that transcend trends. For instance, the XOXO Design Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold incorporates the abbreviation for hugs and kisses into a charming 14K yellow gold motif that gives a nod to Victorian floral patterns. Smooth 14K white gold edges provide the perfect finishing touch.

Engraved Paisley Wedding Band, 14K Rose and White GoldLavish texture is a common feature in vintage wedding bands, a testament to the attention to detail that is poured into each ring, and a design element that gives these rings perpetual sophistication. The Engraved Paisley Wedding Band in 14K Rose and White Gold is a fine example of this intricate craftsmanship as its flowing graceful carved motif wraps around the entire band in unbroken movement. The carved 14K rose gold portion of this ring stands in gentle but eye-catching contrast to the polished 14K white gold edges.

Vintage designs are also perfect for communicating faith, something that never goes out of style. The Antique-Style Cross Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold sends a message about the place of Christ in your relationship with a look that gives a nod to the past. Stylized Greek cAntique-Style Cross Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Goldrosses are carved around this band, separated by column-like pillars for a look that’s classic yet creative.

Apples of Gold’s collection of vintage wedding bands provides today’s brides and grooms with wedding jewelry that celebrates the timeless nature of true love. These rings—and the love they represent—will always be in style.

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