Win a Sterling Silver Vintage Garnet Ring! 

Does a bold, romantic ring that’s perfect for late fall sound appealing? What about an opportunity to get one without spending a cent? If this piques your interest, don’t miss your chance to win a stunning vintage sterling silver garnet heart ring from Apples of Gold! No purchase is necessary to enter—just go to and enter your email address or sign in via Facebook and you’ll be in the running for the perfect piece for entering the holiday season in style.

The romance of times past comes alive in the Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in Sterling Silver. One glance of this Victorian-inspired ring will bring to mind images of a simpler time, conjuring up feelings of nostalgia and longing even if you’ve can’t remember a time before cell phones and constant screen time.

Although the motif of this ring harkens back over a century, the art form used to create it is far older than that. Filigree, a form of craftsmanship that’s projected sophistication and style for thousands of years from Egypt to Ireland to India, creates a design that’s timelessly feminine, while graceful carved curls frame a gemstone that seems to glow from the inside.

The garnet featured in this ring is the perfect gem to carry you from fall to winter. Its rich, saturated sparkle gives off a feeling of warmth at a time when the colors of the leaves have given way to gray days. It’s also the ideal gem for expressing love, and the heart shape of the garnet featured in this ring emphasizes any expression of affection. At a centimeter wide and high, it’s bold enough to be sure that its message will come across loud and clear.

Like all of Apples of Gold’s garnet rings, this vintage garnet heart ring is crafted from the highest quality silver that’s available for jewelry. Known as .925 sterling silver, this metal is a durable silver alloy that’s well loved for its versatile luster. Its cool sheen serves as a perfect counterpoint to the rich crimson gemstone that stars in this ring.

Vintage rings like this eye-catching example are timeless choices in silver gemstone jewelry. These styles have already proven that they have staying power, and are ideal for expressing lasting affection.

You can enter up to 10 times between now and November 29th, so don’t forget to visit Apples of Gold again throughout the month. The more you enter, the greater your shot at scoring this gorgeous ring, either for yourself or for someone close to your heart.

Of course, if this ring catches your eye you don’t have to wait to win it. In fact, you don’t even have to pay full price! Just enter the code “GARNET20” to snag this stunning piece at 20 percent off! Or, shop Apples of Gold’s collection of heart jewelry, including an array of heart rings for a range of tastes.

Whether you have your eye set on the Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring for yourself or for someone who makes your heart glow with warmth, be sure to enter Apples of Gold’s sweepstakes. You could score a stunning symbol of love and of good taste that will never go out of style.

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