Black Diamond Rings for the Bride 

04-05-2013 blackdiamondbridalsetBlack is a color of mystery and of sophistication … but did you know that it can also be excellent color for brides? While this may seem like the polar opposite of what a bride is to wear—after all, you can’t get any farther from white than black—this darkest of hues can add a sophisticated touch to the wedding day and beyond when it’s in the form of black diamonds. Black diamond rings are lovely choices when you’re popping the question and when you’re saying “I do.”

Black diamonds are increasingly popular picks for engagement rings and bridal jewelry sets. These striking gems have the resilience and precious nature of traditional white diamonds, but they add a touch of mystery that’s not easily missed. Unlike white diamonds, however, they absorb light rather than reflect it, and their gleam is a result of their lustrous, polished surfaces. Admittedly, black diamond rings aren’t for every bride, but they’re excellent picks for all those seeking a modern twist on tradition that’s undeniably sophisticated.2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

It’s hard to get more sophisticated than the 2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring. While this piece is anything but complicated, it overflows with upscale appeal. A stunning 2-carat round black diamond unquestionably steals the show as it rises majestically from the wearer’s finger. A gleaming 14K white gold band holds this striking stone and complements it with cool sheen and gorgeous simplicity. This ring provides a unique and unforgettable twist to the classic solitaire engagement ring. In addition, this ring is significantly more affordable than similar styles with more traditional white diamonds.

1 Carat Black Diamond Ring with White Diamond Side StonesBlack and white diamond rings provide the ultimate in contrast, and this lends them a sense of undeniable class. The glamorous combination of colorless dazzle and deeply-hued shine is demonstrated in the 1 Carat Black Diamond Ring with White Diamond Side Stones. This ring places two types of diamonds in a strongly-styled 14K white gold setting. A one-carat black diamond is surrounded by an octagon of sleek white gold and bordered by the 0.10 carats of channel-set white diamonds that accent the band. This look is both modern and timeless, perfect for expressing the love that holds your heart in the present, and that will never let go.

1 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Bridal SetBlack diamond rings can also play memorable and beautiful roles in bridal jewelry sets. These perfect pairings of black diamond engagement rings and matching wedding bands provide classy, perfectly coordinating looks for the bride’s left hand that put a chic spin on tradition. For instance, the 1 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Bridal Set is a unique take on a set that’s inspired by the 1920s.The engagement ring in this pair is adorned with a round 1-carat black diamond that’s revealed within the petals of a shining white gold lotus flower, while the bands of both pieces are meticulously carved with a swirl and leaf motif that sets them apart.

Black diamond engagement rings and bridal ring sets are bold, classy and mysterious. Try a one of these chic picks to express a love that’s deep, rich and without equal.

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