Bright Gemstone For Shorter Days 

Criss-Cross Pave Diamond and Citrine Halo RingNow that nightfall is coming earlier, are you craving more sunlight? While there’s not much you can do about the shorter days and the time change, you can add a pop of light and color to your look with a brightly-colored gemstone! Let’s take a look at four semiprecious gemstones that can add bursts of color and life to your fall look.


With its brilliant, bright yellow sparkle, no stone captures a sense of light and warmth quite like citrine. Citrine jewelry seems to glow from within with summer sunlight, making it an especially welcome pick this time of year. The Criss-Cross Pave Diamond and Citrine Halo Ring seems to capture the glory of the sun in midday, allowing it to glimmer on your finger even on the darkest evening. An 8mm round citrine is the stunning centerpiece of this style, and it’s surrounded by a frame of small round diamonds that reflect its golden color and add extra sparkle. Additional diamonds stud the slender criss-crossing bands that seem to radiate from the center stone like beams of sunlight.7.00 Carat Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring

Pink Topaz

The bold look of pink topaz jewelry gives a sophisticated twist to the most girly of hues. Its eye-catching sparkle provides striking contrast against the season’s dark colors, making it a stone that positively pops in autumn. The 7.00 Carat Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring features the largest pink topaz of any ring in Apples of Gold’s collection, creating a style that’s undeniably daring without forgoing its sense of femininity. A show-stopping emerald-cut pink topaz, 12mm high and 10 wide, is set on a diamond-studded band that spits into two as it upholds this stunning gem.Blue Topaz Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant, 14K White Gold

Blue Topaz

The cool but equally eye-catching cousins of pink topaz styles, pieces of blue topaz jewelry are also fitting picks for fall as they capture the vibrant hue of a cloudless sky. This lovely stone is beautifully displayed in the Blue Topaz Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold as a 17mm-high pear-shaped blue topaz hangs from a gleaming 14K white gold setting, accented with four tiny diamonds. At over 10 carats in weight, the stone showcased by this pendant adds a burst of brilliant color that’s impossible to ignore.


1 Carat Art Deco Peridot Engagement Ring, 14K White Gold

Peridot jewelry seems to capture the essence of life and growth, making it especially welcome as the trees grow bare. Its fresh green glimmer with just a hint of gold seems to be steeped in spring and sunlight, making it a fresh option for fall.

For instance, the 1 Carat Art Deco Peridot Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold places a one-carat round peridot within the gleaming petals of an opening lotus flower, crafted from polished white gold. This blossom is set on a band that’s carved with lively swirls and leaves, adding to its life-filled appeal.

In addition to their ability to brighten shorter days, each of these semmiprecious gemstones is also relatively affordable! Try one of them (or a few) to add light and color to your look this fall.

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