Bold Pink Topaz Rings To Brighten Rainy April Days 

04-08-2013 pink topazWe’ve all heard that “April showers bring May flowers,” but when you’re in the midst of this rainy month it can be hard to keep in mind the blooms that will eventually result from the seemingly endless rain. Brightly-colored jewelry such as Pink topaz rings can be an excellent way to add a pop of color that speaks of the promise of things to come.

2.50 Carat Cushion Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldPink jewelry is the perfect way to wake up your look, and pink topaz pieces are affordable and glamorous options. Their color is simultaneously daring and girly, with a sophisticated edge that’s sure to turn heads. Whether you’re a fan of styles that are timelessly classy, pieces inspired by the past or designs with a distinctively modern sensibility, pink topaz can add a pop of bright sparkle to your look during the rainy days of April or any day.

If you’re a fan of pieces with glamour that never goes out of style, don’t miss the 2.50 Carat Cushion Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. This perpetually classy piece is strikingly feminine with big dose of sparkle that will allow it to brighten your spring ensembles year after year. An 8mm cushion-cut pink topaz is the star of this ring, and it’s accented by a total of 42 round diamonds that both surround the center stone and stud the 14K white gold band in two rows, creating the illusion of two bands in one.

Antique-Style Floral Pink Topaz Ring in 14K White GoldWhen a ring holds a stone as bold as pink topaz, even a style that’s inspired by the past can look bright and fresh. For example, the Antique-Style Floral Pink Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold places a bold 8mm round pink topaz in the center of detailed vintage design, bringing it squarely into the present and giving it a pop of personality that’s anything but stuffy or old-fashioned. Delicate openwork surrounds this striking gem, calling to mind the patterns of Victorian lace, while small flowers carved meticulously into the 14 white gold band add to this ring’s appeal. This piece perfectly balances daring sparkle and feminine charm.

Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White GoldIn addition, a ring doesn’t have to be complicated to wake up your look when it features a brilliant pink gemstone, and pieces such as the Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White Gold serve as indisputable proof. This timelessly gorgeous design places a 10mm-high emerald-cut pink topaz, a full 4.50 carats in weight, inside a frame of dazzling diamonds and places it upon a diamond-studded band. A total of 38 round diamonds serve as supporting players in this glamorous piece, giving it huge dose of colorless sparkle. This14K white gold ring will turn heads on the grayest of days.

Pieces of pink topaz jewelry such as these striking rings are perfect picks when the promised May flowers seems to be overshadowed by present-day showers. Try sliding one on your finger this spring for a fresh pop of bold sparkle that will add a distinctive bright spot to your day.

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