Pink Topaz Rings: A Bright Trend for a Gray Winter 

Pink topaz is trending right now, and it’s hard to miss jewelry that features this daring gemstone. Pink Topaz Rings add a shot of welcome color and sparkle, especially when winter is in full swing.

Pink topaz was used in the jewelry worn by 19th century Russian royalty after this gem was discovered in the country. In fact, it was so prized by the czar that only he, his family and the few to whom he gave this stone were permitted to own it. Fortunately for modern-day lovers of brilliantly-colored jewelry, pink topaz is much more accessible today.

Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring 14K White Gold

Pink is one of the rarest colors of topaz to be found in nature; because of this, naturally-occurring pink topaz is very costly. However, this hue can also be given to colorless topaz through a through a heat and irradiation process, and this variety of pink topaz is relatively affordable. All of Apples of Gold’s pink topaz jewelry utilizes these less-pricey but still stunning gemstones.

The combination of pink topaz and diamonds offers eye-catching contrast and dazzling sparkle as the vibrant color of pink topaz is reflected in the unmatched brilliance of diamonds. For instance, the Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold uses a total of 38 round diamonds to accent a slender white gold band and to frame a show-stopping center stone: a 4.5 carat emerald-cut pink topaz. It’s a standout look that’s fit for royalty.

Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldPink, like red, is often used to represent affection, and pink topaz rings that incorporate hearts are a fitting way to demonstrate love. For instance, the Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold places a heart-shaped 10mm high pink topaz front and center, creating an unashamed symbol of your true feelings. Five tiny diamonds accent the sweeping setting that holds this stone, adding glimmer and sophistication.

Pink topaz can also bring a bold touch to wedding jewelry, demonstrating that your love makes you come alive and that it’s far from ordinary. Vintage gemstone rings that feature pink topaz are especially exquisite bridal styles, as demonstrated by the 1 Carat Pink Topaz Art Deco Bridal Ring Set in 14K White Gold. This stunning engagement ring and wedding band set is inspired by the 1920s, but the daring stone it contains gives it a feel that’s modern and outgoing. This one-carat round pink topaz is set within the opening petals of a white gold flower, giving the engagement ring in this pair a unique touch. A lively swirling petal design is expertly carved into both bands, looking to the past while representing a hope for the future.

1 Carat Pink Topaz Art Deco Bridal Ring Set, 14K White Gold

Pink is often the color that we associate with the princesses of our imaginations when we’re children; for grown women, it serves both as a reminder of those happy fantasies and as a symbol of bold femininity. Why not try a pink topaz ring for a pop of bright color and sparkle no matter how gray the winter gets?


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