Vintage Gemstone Rings: A Time-honored Look for a New Year 

Vintage styles aren’t just relics of the past—they’re a big tend right now for their unashamedly feminine styling and matchless craftsmanship. Vintage gemstone rings that showcase the looks of the Victorian Era or the Art Deco period instantly elevate any outfit with a big dose of beauty and charm.

These rings originate in a simpler time—a time before cell phones, the internet and instant everything, when life moved at a markedly slower pace. By slipping one of them on your finger, you bring to mind a less complicated era when beauty and romance were celebrated and savored.

Vintage Emerald-Cut Amethyst Ring in 14K White GoldApples of Gold’s collection of vintage gemstone rings features a range of stone, from jewelry classics like emerald and amethyst to unique gems such as pink topaz. Each one gives these time-honored styles a new personality, providing a number of modern interpretations for today’s women.

The Vintage Emerald-Cut Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold places a stunning emerald-cut amethyst, 10mm high, on display like a piece of fine art in an exquisite frame. However, unlike the pieces that line museum walls, this piece showcases its beauty wherever you go. A sizeable, glimmering violet stone gives a regal personality to this ring; however, that’ not all there is to admire about this piece. An elegant filigree setting surrounds this Victorian-style ring, making clear the level of craftsmanship that was poured into creating it.

Vintage Floral Aquamarine Ring in 14K White GoldFans of 1920s-inspired style also have a number of head-turning bridal pieces to choose from. For example, the Vintage Floral Aquamarine Ring in 14K White Gold places a cool, glimmering aquamarine, over a half carat in weight, in the spotlight. A lavishly carved floral motif adorns the band, giving this piece a look that’s extraordinarily beautiful.

In addition to their ability to make statement of style and good taste, vintage gemstone rings can also communicate lasting love. Gemstone engagement rings inspired by the past readily serve as symbols of love that stands the test of time. Celebrities including Carrie Underwood and Emily Blunt wear vintage styles on their left hands, demonstrating that these rings can serve as incredibly glamorous symbols of lasting affection.

Enchanted Garnet Ring in 14K White GoldFor example, the Enchanted Garnet Ring in 14K White Gold seems to have been plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. A round garnet adds a burst of rich crimson glimmer, and gives this ring a timeless appeal. Victorian-inspired filigree creates an airy yet substantial setting that’s rich with lively swirls. While this ring is a striking fashion statement on its own, it also readily symbolizes love when it takes on the role of a unique engagement ring. Or, if you’d prefer a perfectly coordinated wedding jewelry set, this ring is also available as part of the Garnet Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 14K White Gold.

Whether you’re looking for a ring that’s on trend for your right hand or a unique engagement ring, vintage gemstone rings deliver. Each of these pieces provides a touch of the past that’s welcome in the present.


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