Cross Jewelry: A Trend and So Much More 

Crosses are particularly popular right now, but they—and the message they convey—are always in good taste. The symbol of the cross has long been used as a symbol of faith. This simple emblem transcends languages and cultures to clearly communicate identification with Christ, and Apples of Gold’s collection of cross jewelry offers a wide range ways to state what you believe.

In addition to reminding their wearers of their faith, cross pendants serve to remind others who believe of what Christ did for them and how we are to live because He gave His life for us. King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wrote about the way that two people can encourage one another to live in a way that honors God: “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Any of the cross pendants in Apples of Gold’s collection could provide this sort of encouragement as well as a statement of your devotion to your Savior.

14K Gold Onyx Cross PendantCross pendants don’t get any more basic than the Plain Men’s 14K White Gold Cross Pendant. However, this minimalistic piece packs a powerful punch. Unlike many similarly-designed crosses, this one is crafted from solid 14K gold—it’s not hollow or merely gold plated. Thus, it’s a piece of fine jewelry that’s made to last and suitable to pass on to future generations as a reminder of a heritage of faith and an encouragement to walk in the footsteps of the faithful. This style is also available as the slightly smaller Plain 14K White Gold Women’s Cross Pendant.

Or if you’d prefer a modern look that’s a little less basic but equally unfussy, consider the 14K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant. This simply-designed shining 14K yellow gold cross is set with four rectangular black onyx stones, creating eye-catching contrast and adding a touch of polish. While this is a contemporary look, its clean lines assure that it won’t fade from fashion.

14K Gold Tri-Color Crucifix PendantApples of Gold’s collection of Christian pendants also includes a number of crucifixes, such as the 14K Gold Tri-Color Crucifix Pendant. A figure of Christ is crafted from shining 14K rose gold, a warm yet somber reminder of the love that motivated His ultimate sacrifice. This touch of color makes the figure pop from a backdrop of a 14K yellow gold cross, accented with skillfully-placed touches of white gold. Three cubic zirconia stones accent the top of this piece, adding a subtle sparkle that draws the eye. At 1 5/8” high without the bail, it’s large enough to make statement without getting lost.

The author of Hebrews urged Christians to encourage one another to love and to do good: “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works.” Cross pendants are one way to not only declare your own faith, but also to encourage others in it. The sight of one of these pieces is a reminder to honor the Savior with our words and our actions.


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