Heart Jewelry: A Trend to Love in 2013 

From wedding jewelry to romantic, diamond-studded gifts to pendants that make statements of faith, hearts have been showing up all in jewelry of nearly every kind. These pieces have long been favorites for their ability to represent love clearly, simply and beautifully. While heart jewelry is particularly popular right now, it never goes out of fashion, making it the perfect investment when you want to demonstrate your love for someone close to your heart.

Double Heart Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldHeart pendants that represent the connection between two people are a lovely way to communicate your affection, and several of the pieces in Apples of Gold’s collection use interlocking hearts to create a picture of that bond. For instance, the Double Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold links two hearts, a larger one glittering with diamonds (a symbol of the lasting nature of true love) and smaller one of solid 14k yellow gold. These two hearts, though different, work in perfect harmony to create a stylish pendant that’s a picture of the way that two people in a loving relationship complement one another.

Hearts showed up in a number of pieces inspired by the past, including the Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White Gold. This piece is clearly inspired by the Victorian Era, but it’s also a fitting symbol of love for the present. A sizeable heart of garnet is embraced by a lavishly-adorned setting of white gold. Lively but delicate filigree forms a pattern of swirls that surrounds this gem, while meticulously-carved flowers and ribbons give the band a big dose of feminine charm.

Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White Gold

There are few places more fitting for hearts than wedding jewelry, and heart motifs have made their mark on both engagement rings and wedding bands. For those seeking a modern adaptation of a time-honored symbol, the Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band could be the perfect fit. A heart-shaped Celtic knot (a motif which many have used as a symbol of eternity) is etched in green in a seamless circle around this flat, contemporary band. Crafted from sleek, incredibly strong titanium, this ring is a picture of the fortitude of love and of its endless nature.

Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band

Jewelry that utilizes hearts and crosses combines two meaningful symbols, creating pictures of Christ’s ultimate demonstration of love. For instance, the Cross and Heart Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold uses these two emblems to form a graceful and meaningful pendant. A simple, shining 14K white gold cross is surrounded by a sweeping heart like a warm embrace. Eight round channel-set diamonds accent this heart, adding sparkle that’s sure to draw eyes to this beautiful statement of Christ’s everlasting love—the love demonstrated when He gave His life for all people on the cross.

Whether you’re looking for a tender expression of affection, a sparkling declaration of faith or a symbol of the strength of your love, there’s a piece of heart jewelry that’s a perfect fit. And, since expressing love never goes out of fashion, these pieces will always be in good taste.

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