Gorgeous Garnet Rings with Vintage Flair 

The deep red glimmer of garnet is perfectly complemented by the feminine styling of vintage gemstone rings. This richly-hued, bold stone offers appealing contrast to the soft curves and shapes of Victorian designs and Art Deco-inspired styles, balancing demure beauty with daring color.

It’s no surprise that vintage-style rings look stunning when adorned with garnets. These semi-precious stones have been used in jewelry, not just for hundreds of years, but for thousands of years. Their versatile beauty transcends cultures and eras, as demonstrated by the many civilizations that have loved this stone, from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans.

While these garnet rings are striking fashion statements, that’s not the only aspect of their appeal. These vintage pieces have proven that they have staying power, making them fitting symbols of love that lasts.

1 Carat Art Deco Garnet Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldDue to their ability to represent enduring love, vintage garnet styles make meaningful engagement rings. The 1 Carat Art Deco Garnet Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold is an eye-catching example. Inspired by the 1920s, this ring features a combination of textures and shapes that cooperate to form one very elegant style. A smooth, polished lotus flower is studded by a round, deeply sparkling garnet. The graceful shapes of this blossom are offset by a richly-carved band covered in a motif of lively swirls and leaves.

Enchanted Garnet Bridal Set in .925 Sterling SilverLike many silver and gemstone rings, silver rings that feature garnets readily represent love. While they’re not traditional picks for brides, vintage garnet rings can serve as stunning wedding jewelry. For example, the Enchanted Garnet Bridal Set in .925 Sterling Silver lives up to its name with its mesmerizing style. The engagement ring in this pair is adorned with a round 4.5mm garnet that sits amid an intricate design of swirls and cutouts. The coordinating slender band echoes this luxurious motif and curves in harmony with its partner. While this sterling silver set is a beautiful and affordable option, this pair is also available in 14K white gold, 18K gold or platinum by request.

Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White GoldRed is often thought of as the color of love, making it especially fitting for jewelry that incorporates hearts. Its rich color communicates affection with depth and striking beauty. For instance, the Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White Gold places a 10mm-high heart-shaped garnet in the spotlight, allowing it to proudly declare your true feelings. The setting that holds it is lavishly carved with flowers and curling designs, adding an extra dimension of feminine charm.

Although Christmas is at the forefront of our minds, January will be here soon. Since each of these rings feature the January birthstone, they’re the perfect picks not only for the festive holiday season but also for the month to come. Their stunning crimson glow is especially welcome in the coldest season of the year.

Garnet rings with vintage flair may call to mind simpler times, but they’re also ideal choices for modern women. Their lush red glimmer will add a sense of warmth, even on the coldest of nights.


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