Engaging Emerald Rings to Symbolize Growing Love 

The vibrancy of an emerald is hard to deny. This precious gemstone’s lively green color is a stunning symbol of love that makes you come alive, and emerald engagement rings are a gorgeous way to boldly declare the vibrancy of your affection.

The word emerald means “green gemstone”—not a surprise for a stone that’s often defined by its color. This gem’s vibrant hue conveys a sense of luxurious beauty that’s made it a favorite for thousands of years. Civilizations around the world have adored this stone, from the Egyptians to the Incas.

Green is the color that’s often associated with life and growth, and it’s an unexpected but gorgeous way to celebrate love that fills you with life. Engagement rings and bridal jewelry sets that feature the green gemstone, the emerald, capture a love that lives on no matter what.

0.45 Carat Emerald and Diamond Flower Twist Ring

The 14K white gold 0.45 Carat Emerald and Diamond Flower Twist Ring puts a glimmering 1 carat oval-shaped emerald on display like the center of a flower in full bloom. A total of 16 small round diamonds, 0.45 carats in all, serve as strong supporting players: 10 round diamonds, five on the top and five on the bottom, hug this green gem like petite petals, while six additional channel-set diamonds accent the band on either side. This nature-inspired style is a lovely way to represent love that causes your heart to blossom.

14K Gold Three Stone Emerald and Diamond Ring

If a more traditional style seems more fitting, consider the 14K Gold Three Stone Emerald and Diamond Ring. This simply stunning piece puts a slight, contemporary twist on the classic three-stone ring, accenting a 5.5mm round emerald with two smaller round diamonds. A cathedral setting sweeps up to meet these diamonds while the emerald is held in place by a timeless four-prong setting. The contrast between brilliant green and colorless sparkle makes this ring truly eye-catching. Like a number of Apples of Gold’s emerald and diamond rings, this piece is able to surpass trends but is perfect for the present.

Antique-Style Emerald Wedding Ring Set

If you’re looking for a matching engagement ring and wedding band set, don’t pass by the Antique-Style Emerald Wedding Ring Set. This vintage-inspired pair of rings features an engagement ring adorned with a 4.5mm round emerald, and covered with an intricate motif of swirls and cutouts. The coordinating wedding band is carved with a matching motif and sits perfectly aside the curves of its partner. While this look is undeniably a nod to the past, it’s also a gorgeous choice for modern brides.
As a member of the beryl family of gemstones, the emerald is relatively hard and resistant to scratching; thus emerald rings are durable choices that can stand up to a bit of wear. They’re particularly fitting choices to represent lasting love.

From simple styles to looks inspired by nature to designs taken from the Victorian era, emerald engagement rings provide vibrant color and sparkle. Their lively color and glimmer make them fitting choices to celebrate a love that lives forever.

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