Petite White Gold Wedding Bands with Big Vintage Style 

The Victorian Era was one of romanticism, but also one of restraint; this tension is perfectly and gorgeously captured in petite vintage wedding bands. While these rings may be small in size, they’re big on style and they make substantial statements about a love that is always in fashion and that grows more precious year after year.

Vintage-style wedding bands are ideal choices for representing a love that only grows better with time. These styles are increasingly treasured as time goes by and their beauty never fades. Like two people in a marriage relationship, the years only deepen the value of these pieces.

Since each of the rings in Apples of Gold’s selection of vintage wedding bands is crafted with the utmost care from only high-quality precious metals, they’re poised to become the heirlooms of future generations. As the decades pass, they’ll remain symbols of love that never goes out of fashion.

Floral motifs are commonVintage Floral Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold in Victorian styles, and these nature-inspired motifs are always a tasteful way to represent your love and commitment. A repeating design of four-petal flowers wraps around the Vintage Floral Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold. This whimsical pattern proves that old styles don’t have to be stuffy. Each blossom sits whimsically in its own milgrain-bordered box, adding elegance that can be seen from every angle.

Antique-Style Wedding Band Ring in 14K White GoldStripes never go out of style, especially when they’re a part of vintage-style jewelry. For instance, the Antique-Style Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold is covered in diagonal stripes that call to mind a rope, continually and evenly wrapping around this ring. This simple, repeating pattern is mirrored in miniature in the similarly-designed borders of this ring, adding a sense of continuity and timeless class. An antique finish provides a look that’s time-honored but perfect for the present.

Many of Apples of Gold’s vintage wedding rings exhibit the work of a skilled craftsman, and these handcrafted pieces are a fitting way to represent a love that’s one of a kind. For example, the Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is adorned with expertly-carved flowers and swirls, creating a look reminiscent of a Victorian tapestry. While this style is subtle, it rewards those who take a closer look to admire its demure beauty. The graceful shapes and elegant curves of this ring give it a soft, luxurious feel that’s gorgeously feminine.Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

While 14K white gold lends a light, lovely sheen to these vintage weddings rings, they’re also gorgeous as silver wedding bands if you’re seeking a similar look with a lower price tag. These rings coordinate seamlessly with nearly any jewelry collection and serve as symbols of timeless love that are beautiful and affordable.

Each of these rings is 3mm wide or less, but each one possesses a style that surpasses its petite size. Whether adorned with flowers, paisley patterns or classic stripes, these rings demonstrate with their timeless style that your love is far more than a passing fad.

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