Fall for Garnet Jewelry 

Victorian Emerald-Cut Garnet Ring in 14K White GoldAs the last leaves fall and the weather turns from crisp to cold, we turn to all things warm, from steaming bowls of chili to fluffy sweaters. How about turning to some warm-colored jewelry as well? Garnet rings and garnet pendants offer color that cuts through the growing chill in the air, making them an ideal choice for late fall.

Garnet may be the January birthstone, but late fall is a perfect time to enjoy it. As the world outside seems stripped of color, garnet jewelry adds a welcome touch of vibrancy that’s the perfect bridge between the brilliance of fall and the sparkle of the Christmas season. Its rich red stands out on the grayest of days.

Oval Shaped Contemporary Garnet PendantFor over 5,000 years the garnet has been putting its deep red sparkle to good use in jewelry, and its timeless beauty makes it perfectly suited for styles inspired by the past. For instance, Apples of Gold’s Victorian Emerald-Cut Garnet Ring in 14K White Gold frames a striking 10mm x 8mm emerald-cut garnet like a piece of fine art on display on your finger. If you look closely, you’ll see that delicate flowers adorn this vintage-style setting, creating a look that’s feminine and classy.

The rich color of garnet is also ideal for contemporary designs as it gives them a sense of depth and warmth. The Oval Shaped Contemporary Garnet Pendant hugs a 0.60 carat oval-shaped garnet with two arms of yellow gold that drape over an 18” chain. This uncomplicated design is both chic and inviting, making it a perfect Christmas gift or a lovely addition to your jewelry collection.

Wrap Around Floral Garnet Ring in Sterling SilverSix marquise-cut garnets joyfully wrap around the wearer’s finger like flowers on a vine in the Wrap Around Floral Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver. This organic look is casual and refreshing, and its nature-inspired design is a prefect reminder of a time when the earth is warm and full of life.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we often think of what we’re thankful for, and there are few things that elicit more gratitude than the love of another person. The deep crimson of garnet is traditionally the color of the heart and several pieces in Apples of Gold’s collection of garnet jewelry utilize heart-shaped stones. The Garnet Heart and Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold surrounds a 1.50-carat heart-shaped garnet with a heart crafted from graceful filigree. It’s a beautiful way to thank someone special for loving you.

Garnet Heart and Diamond Pendant, 14K White GoldAs a semiprecious stone, garnet pieces are relatively affordable choices in gemstone jewelry, and there are few times of year when affordability is more appreciated than the weeks leading up to Christmas. Garnet jewelry is the perfect choice for the present, not only for its warm good looks, but also for its ability to provide a wealth of rich sparkle at a price that you don’t have to be wealthy to afford.

As fall fades into winter, don’t let the color fade from your look! It’s far from too late to fall for garnet jewelry that will infuse your style with sparkle and warmth.



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