Pink Topaz Rings that Say Thank You 

Do you know what today is? It’s National Whiner’s Day! But, before you start griping, you might want to know that the holiday wasn’t meant to be about whining at all; rather, in 1986, Rev. Kevin Zaborney designated December 26th as National Whiner’s Day in an attempt to get people to be grateful for what they have rather than complain about what they don’t have. While there are many ways to say thank you, the bright sparkle of pink topaz rings makes them ideal for expressing a heart that’s overflowing with gratitude.

In addition, today is also National Thank-You Note Day. If you needed another reason to put forth the effort to express your gratitude, you just got it. Why not say thank you to at least one special person in your life today?Three Stone Pink Topaz Ring, 14K White Gold

If you’d like to express your gratitude with more than just a note, consider doing it with a piece of jewelry that features pink topaz. This brilliant stone’s vibrant color is next to impossible to miss, and it gives a bold but feminine flavor to a variety of rings from classic to vintage to contemporary. Its outgoing personality makes it an unmistakable way to express your appreciation—not to mention a gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

If you’re looking for a classic style with a pop of color, consider the Three Stone Pink Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold. This elegant ring may exhibit a basic design, but it’s far from ordinary. A 0.40 carat princess-cut pink topaz serves as the main attraction, while two coordinating 3mm round stones accent each side. The daring hue of these stones nudges this ring away from the conservative end of the spectrum without screaming for attention. The look is pretty without being prissy.

Of course, traffics-stopping styles can also be lovely ways to say thank you, and they make wonderful gifts for anyone with a vibrant sense of style. For instance, the 2.50 Carat Cushion Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold would leave no question in the mind of the recipient regarding your gratitude. This glamorous ring features a daring cushion-cut pink topaz, 8mm square, accented by 42 dazzling round diamonds that surround the pink topaz and adorn the band in two glittering lines.

Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldIf you’d like to express your affection as well as your appreciation, consider one of Apples of Gold’s pink topaz heart rings such as the Heart Shaped Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. This gorgeously feminine ring features a heart-shaped topaz, 10mm high, in a sweeping setting that emulates grace. Five tiny diamonds accent this fun but sophisticated piece. It’s a lovely way to communicate your gratitude for a love that makes you truly thankful.

In the words of William Arthur Ward, “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” Why not say thanks for someone you love with a piece of eye-catching pink topaz jewelry?



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