Wedding Bands for Every Expression of Love 

high quality wedding bandsFrom the moment you pop the question to the day you exchange vows, jewelry plays a huge role in expressing your love for that one special someone. While all wedding bands communicate a message of affection and commitment, different styles can add an extra shade of meaning. Below are four messages you may want to convey with your wedding rings and suggested styles for communicating each one.

“We’re being woven into one.”

Marriage involves the intertwining of two hearts and souls, a process that’s never-ending and always wondrous. Braided wedding bands like the 14K White Gold 7.6mm Braided Wedding Band Ring are an ideal way to tell the world that you and the one you love are being woven into one—and that you couldn’t be more thrilled about it. This eye-catching style combines three distinct textures to create a ring that declares your ever-tightening bond. The main attractions of this ring are the braided strands of 14K white gold that wrap around it, creating a picture of two lives being interwoven into a single strand. Framing this motif are petite rope-like borders and smooth, gleaming edges.

14K White Gold Wedding Band with Brushed Center

“Our love needs no adornment.”

Plain wedding bands are classics for a reason: they’re timeless expressions of love. Their unfussy designs allow the eye to focus on their circular form: a symbol of the endless nature of true love. This message isn’t complicated, but it’s incredibly powerful, and it’s beautifully expressed in styles such as the 14K White Gold Wedding Band with Brushed Center. This simply stunning ring hugs a brushed center between two polished edges, creating a look that’s always in excellent taste.

“Our love is always growing.”

Floral wedding bands are lovely way to symbolize love that’s vibrant as their designs display blooms that never wilt or fade. The Floral Vineyard Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is a perfect example of the ability of floral wedding rings to serve as celebrations of always-blossoming love. An expertly-carved flower and swirl pattern is carved into the surface of this striking style, giving it vintage charm that transcends trends, both with its looks and with the message inherent in them. In addition to cool 14K white gold, this 5.5mm-wide ring is also available in 14K yellow gold, 18K gold or platinum.

Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring“Our love will never come to an end.”

While the original meaning of Celtic knots is up for debate, many people have adopted them as symbols of eternity because they have no beginning or end. In Celtic wedding bands, that symbolism is a perfect complement to the emblem of endless love that’s already contained in the circular shape of every wedding ring. For example, the Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring displays a modern take on a never-ending infinity knot, an hourglass-shaped design that stands out in blue against the shining backdrop of a flat titanium band.

Although these examples focus on wedding rings, message is also an important consideration when considering diamond engagement rings. No matter what you want to say with your wedding jewelry, there’s a ring to match.


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