Triquetra Wedding Bands: Symbolizing the Trinity and Your Love 

03-08-2013 celtic-triquetraIt’s said that Saint Patrick used a clover to teach the concept of the trinity, using its three leaves to represent the tri-unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The triquetra, also known as the trinity knot, can represent this same concept and Celtic wedding bands that feature it are a lovely way to symbolize not only your love but your faith as well.

The triquetra has been used in Celtic artworkg since at least the seventh century AD, and throughout the centuries it has adorned works ranging from the Book of Kells to architecture to, yes, jewelry. This long history assures that this motif isn’t going out of style anytime soon—and neither is the message behind it.

Antiqued Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Wedding BandIn addition to serving as a reminder of the trinity, wedding bands that feature the triquetra are clear and powerful symbols of a husband and wife joined together in the Lord. King Solomon wrote that “a threefold cord is not quickly broken,” and these rings are wearable reminders of the strength that’s found in unity with your spouse and with your Creator.

In addition, like all Celtic knots, the triquetra is a fitting symbol of eternity. Its looping pattern never comes to an end, making it a lovely way to represent love that never runs out.

The Antiqued Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Wedding Band gives a bold, time-honored look to the Triquetra, placing it within triangles of recessed antiqued 14K white gold and creating eye-catching contrast. These shining motifs pop against the black backdrop upon which they sit, emphasizing their timeless class and the meaning behind them. This 7mm-wide band is a bold choice, perfect for any modern guy or for any bride looking to veer from traditional bridal jewelry in a way that’s meaningful and classy.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Yellow GoldThe Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold uses a subtle tone-on-tone effect to emphasize the triquetra. This look is created as shining designs dance on top of a brushed-finished backdrop. A repeating trinity knot design wraps around this ring in elegant fashion, its rounded loops calling to mind a line of meticulously-tended flowers. This piece is given a warm disposition through sunny yellow gold, but, if you prefer, this style is also available in 14k white gold, rose gold and sterling silver, as well as 18K gold or platinum by request.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldThe Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold uses a different sort of contrast: that of two different metals. This unique ring features a three-dimensional trinity knot motif, sculpted from gleaming 14K yellow gold. Edges of 14K white gold frame this expertly-crafted design and add draw eyes to its stunning curves. Or, chose a more subtle take on this design in a single metal such as the Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K White Gold.

Celtic wedding rings that feature the triquetra are classy and meaningful ways to celebrate your relationship with your spouse and harmony with your Creator. Their use of the trinity knot is always meaningful and perpetually stylish.


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