Pretty in Paisley Wedding Band Sets 

03-07-2013 paisley-wed-m-setPaisley is nothing new, though its swirling motif allows it give a fresh sense of movement and liveliness to a number of the wedding band sets in Apples of Gold’s collection. Wedding band sets that feature two matching paisley rings—one for the bride and one for the groom—serve as symbols, not only of your shared good fashion sense, but also of your connection to one another. By wearing a ring that’s just like the one on your partner’s finger, you carry with you a continual reminder that the two of you are walking through life as one.

Paisley Carved Wedding Band Set in 14K Rose GoldPaisley’s teardrop-shaped swirls create both an expression of spot-on style and a sense of timeless class. While paisley routinely shows up as part of vintage designs, its roots can be traced back much further than the Victorian Era. Paisley-like motifs harken from several parts of the world, including Ireland and South Asia. They showed in in numerous forms of art in India, such as shawls in Kashmir, and it’s through these shawls that paisley made its way to Europe. In the 18th century, these shawls traveled to the England and became popular among the British.

Soon, British designs began mimicking this motif and paisley remained popular into the Victorian Era. The paisley wedding bands in Apples of Gold’s collection are inspired by this time period, and prove that the appeal of this pattern never fades.

The Paisley Carved Wedding Band Set in 14K Rose Gold gives an airy, incredibly elegant touch to a timeless paisley motif, sculpting an openwork version of this design in gleaming 14K rose gold and framing it simply and beautifully with thin lines of this metal. The pattern that wraps around these rings seems to curl like a graceful vine around the fingers of those who wear them. Like all rose gold wedding bands, this pair has a warm, soft glow that serves as a symbol of the warmth of true love and affection.

Engraved Paisley Wedding Band Set, 14K Two-Tone GoldIf you’d prefer a touch of contrast in your paisley wedding bands, consider the Engraved Paisley Wedding Band Set in 14K Two-Tone Gold. This pair displays a delicate paisley motif, carved meticulously into a band of 14K white gold as if it’s been painted there by an artist’s hand. Framing this intricate design are 14K yellow gold edges that stand out and add a dose of class. These 7mm-wide bands are timeless.

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band SetThe 14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Set gives a sculptural look to an elegant paisley motif. This striking design curls likes a never-ending series of gentle waves that wrap gracefully around your fingers. Rope-like borders and smooth, shining edges set off this polished design, working together to create a look that’s upscale and always in good taste.

Wedding ring sets that feature paisley motifs utilize centuries-old designs to create contemporary yet timeless symbols of your love. Choose a pair of these classy rings to serve as continual reminders that you carry a part of each other no matter where you go.

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