Green Amethyst Rings to Celebrate the Coming Spring 

03-06-2013 green amethsyt ringSpring is on its way! Whether or not you’ve seen the first few blades of green grass or spotted a crocus or two, it’s likely that you’re more than willing to welcome a few signs that the coldest season of the year is fading. Regardless of if you’ve spotted a few hints of the season to come, green amethyst rings are lovely ways to look ahead to the warmer months.

Jewelry that features green amethyst displays the ideal hue for March. Its gentle green glimmer is both invigorating and soothing as it bursts with the potential of the coming spring.

Green amethyst jewelry is also a fitting pick for St. Patrick’s Day. These rings, earrings and pendants give a softer touch to the traditional color of the season, and would make a lovely gift for your favorite Irish lass—or for any lady who refreshes all those she meets.

Trillion-Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond RingGreen amethyst gives a soft touch to modern designs, providingg a lively contrast to the bold shapes of these styles. The Trillion-Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring an excellent example. This contemporary look features a 0.75-carat trillion-cut green amethyst, accented by four smaller diamonds in asymmetrical, spirited fashion. The alluring gemstone that serves as the centerpiece for this ring offers the perfect combination of soft glimmer and clean lines.

2.33 Carat Oval Shape Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 10K White GoldThe subtle sparkle of green amethyst is given a unique, shining frame in the 2.33 Carat Oval Shape Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold. This carefully-crafted ring features a three-dimensional chain-like motif that surrounds the center stone—a 10mm-wide oval shaped green amethyst—and adorns the band. On either side of this stone are six diamonds, glimmering from within this unique design.

Although green amethyst is a particularly good choice when you’re looking ahead to spring, it’s lovely any time of year. Apples of Gold’s collection of green amethyst rings contains a number of timeless styles that are excellent choices year round, and that will look just as beautiful a decade or two from now as they do today. For instance, the Green Amethyst Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold is a true classic that’s given a soft, lush personality through the presence of an unexpected gemstone.

Green Amethyst Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White GoldThe Sea-Foam Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is a striking timeless style that’s fitting for the finger of a fairytale princess. However, it’s just as suited for the finger of any modern lady. This dazzling ring puts a sizeable oval-shaped green amethyst, 10mm high, on display and surrounds it with a frame of sparkling round diamonds. Additional round diamonds stud the slender band that holds this stone, for a total of over a third carat of these glimmering accent gems.

Whether as a sign of spring, a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day or just a beautiful statement, jewelry that features green amethyst is a lovely pick. Its gentle yet lively sparkle is perfect for the first days of March or any day you want to add a touch of spring to your look.

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