How Emerald Engagement Rings Capture Love that’s Alive 

03-05-2013 emeraldbridalsetThe emerald might not be the stone that usually comes to mind when you think of an engagement ring, but this stone’s vibrant beauty makes it a lovely choice for popping the question and for serving as a symbol of lifelong love. Here are three ways that emerald engagement rings create a picture of a love that’s alive and that fills you with life.

Emeralds glimmer with the color of life and vibrancy. The word emerald literally means “green gemstone”; thus it’s no surprise that this stone displays a vibrant green glimmer unlike that of any other gem. While this color is the result of traces of chromium, its resemblance to a lush field of grass after a summer rain allows it to represent love that’s full of life and that’s always growing.

1 Carat Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldThe 1 Carat Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold capitalizes on the emerald’s ability to communicate life with a lively floral motif. This ring is inspired by the Art Deco Period, but the vibrant gemstone that it holds makes it a lovely choice for modern women. A brilliant emerald is revealed as the gleaming 14K white gold petals of a lotus flower open in graceful fashion. This striking flower is perfectly complemented by the carved swirls and leaves that adorn that band that holds it. If you prefer, this lovely ring is also available as part of a coordinating bridal jewelry set.

Three Stone Emerald and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldEmeralds never go out of style. The emerald has proven its ability to win eyes and hearts for thousands of years and its appeal shows no signs of waning. Civilizations around the globe, from Africa to South America, have favored this gem, and the Egyptians mined them as early as 3000 B.C. Throughout its long history, the emerald has proven its ability to dazzle no matter what’s trending at any given time.

Three-stone rings and solitaires are timeless looks, and when they’re adorned with emeralds, they take on a trend-defying vibrancy that makes them perpetually fresh and stylish picks. The Three Stone Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is an excellent example. This classically beautiful ring features a round 4mm emerald that provides a shot of green sparkle as it sits elegantly between two smaller round diamonds.

Antique-Style Emerald Wedding Ring SetEmeralds are unexpected picks for wedding jewelry, allowing them to create symbols of a love that keeps you on your toes. Admittedly, emeralds aren’t traditional picks for popping the question, but their unexpected beauty is part of what allows them express that the love you share is never mundane. The Antique-Style Emerald Wedding Ring Set uses this element of surprise to enliven a Victorian-style engagement ring and wedding band set. The engagement ring is set with a 4.5mm emerald that stands out against a backdrop of swirls and cutouts, while a coordinating wedding band echoes this feminine motif.

Emerald rings may not be expected picks for engagement rings, but their ability to express life-filled love makes them excellent choices. Choose one to express the vibrancy of your bond.

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