How to Choose Wedding Jewelry for a Bride 

Yellow Gold Name Pendant Necklace with Heart

Yellow Gold Name Pendant Necklace with Heart

Planning a wedding event is nothing less of a daunting task. It takes a lot of time and thinking. Well, why shouldn’t you aim for best of the best? It’s your wedding after all. The planning and preparation is worth it, if you want to make the most of your big day. Out of all things the most interesting and fun part is choosing the wedding jewelry. Here are a few tips that will guide you to choose wedding jewelry for a bride. Featured: Gold Name Necklace with Heart

Not to forget it’s one of the occasions in life where you can buy as much jewelry as you need to satisfy yourself without any guilt so don’t miss the chance and avail this opportunity to the max.

Wedding jewelry should complement the wedding dress. If your dress is full of beads and stones, avoid heavy jewelry as keeping the look simple and elegant is what you should aim for on the wedding day. If it has light

Large Yellow Gold Handmade Engraved Monogram Medallion Necklace

Large Yellow Gold Handmade Engraved Monogram Medallion Necklace

beads, diamond will look great with it. If your dress has a vintage contemporary touch with lace and bows, then pearls will accent the look brilliantly. If your dress is not loaded with embellishing laces and stones it’s better to fill that gap with jewelry. Go for precious stone necklace and bracelets and you will capture the perfect bridal look flawlessly.

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Think out of the box when deciding on the colors. If you are going traditional with white or ivory, then nothing is better than white pearls that will enhance your look. If you are choosing a colored dress, such as red or blue, then matching the color of the jewelry with the dress is a great idea, though not a hard and fast rule.

Set a budget first so you don’t waste time trying to get a concession or bargaining uselessly. Once you have

Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

decided how much you are going to spend on the jewelry, you can narrow down the list of options available to you, ensuring less hassle. Besides this, you can make choices quicker and place your order on time. All your available options will then be within your allocated budget. Featured: Handmade Vintage Paisley Floral Band

The quality of the metal and stone is another thing to be careful about. It can be a personal preference however the quality should be top-notch anyhow. Look out for the 4Cs, i.e. cut, color, clarity and carat. Search your options thoroughly and then only settle for the best. Normally,

Hand Carved Paisley Diamond Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

Hand Carved Paisley Diamond Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

when it comes to metals, couples prefer gold or platinum, ensuring it goes well with the jewel or stone. Settling on a combination is the key for picking the perfect wedding jewelry.

Be confident about your choices. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of your jewelry pieces, then it’s better to avoid it from wearing or else you will keep worrying about it the whole day, which is not something desirable. Choose your centerpiece carefully. It should be that one item that magnifies your look and beauty. Shown Right: Paisley Diamond Wedding Band

Last, but not the least, the jewelry should complement you. It should be there to enhance your personality and style. The focus should remain on you, not on the jewelry.

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