Tips for Choosing Wedding Jewelry Accessories 

Silver Cross PendantJewelry often seems to be more of an afterthought, rather than a priority, when the wedding plans get underway. The focus seems to be more on the venue, decorations, and the dress. Little to no attention is given to the  jewelry you will be using, other than the wedding ring, until right before the big day. Big mistake! The right jewelry accessories can make or break your dress and the pieces you choose should show off your beautiful dress and accentuate your best features. An example of this is the His Banner Over Me Was Love Diamond Cross Pendant, made of beautiful white gold.

So make sure you have the time and the budget to plan for the jewelry pieces you will wear. It’s easy to get carried away with your budget, and by the time you turn your attention to your wedding bling, the budget can be all but gone. However, you do not need to panic. Your wedding jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank; there are many options available from Apples of Gold that can fit well into and budget-conscious plans that you are working on for your big day. The Family Tree Necklace Jewelry sets are a great way to add a beautiful personalized touch to your wedding attire.  Here are some options to consider when shopping for the perfect jewelry accessories for your wedding.

Something Old Periodt heart earrings

There are many beautiful pieces of fine jewelry that have stood the test of time. The Heart Shaped Green Amethyst and Diamond Earrings in 10K White Gold is an example of elegance and beauty meeting a timeless design and style. If you’re looking for jewelry that offers more of a vintage feel, antique jewelry can be a viable option. Or maybe you’d like something with some sentimental value. You can look through the family heirlooms and see what jewelry pieces may work for your wedding. But if that is not an option for you or you want something that is yours yet still has that old authentic feel, then you need to check out Apples of Gold’s collection of  fine jewelry .

Choose What You Like Double heart pendant

Rather than decking yourself out in the latest trends when they are really not your thing, choose jewelry that reflects who you are and what you like.  Yellow gold may be the popular thing but if you prefer the look or feel of silver, then choose beautiful sterling silver bracelets and necklaces for your special day. Wedding accessories can be a great way to also demonstrate your faith with a simple yet beautiful religious pendant or charm. If you are not a fan of diamonds or pearls, consider other gemstone pieces that can reflect your unique style. If you like hearts then consider an accessory piece like Apples of Gold’s Double Heart Pendant in 14K Gold.

Select Jewelry to go With the Dress                              Gold Bracelet

Your jewelry needs to fit you but it also needs to fit and complement your dress. Less is usually more when it comes to jewelry accessories. You want the jewelry to compliment the dress, not steal the attention away from the dress or from your beauty.  A simple yet elegant piece like the Mesh Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold, is a perfect example of this. Really, you only need one main focal point when it comes to your jewelry. Have a stunning necklace with small earring that compliment them, or wear larger flashy earrings and have a small necklace to compliment it. Choose stunning gold bracelets, silver rings, gemstone necklaces, and other jewelry pieces that work well together and accentuate the dress and your style.

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