7 Best Selling Peridot Rings for the August Birthstone 


Vintage Filigree Peridot Silver Ring

vintage filigree peridot ring silver
As the month of August brings in the Summer heat, it is fitting that the August birthstone gemstone is the refreshing, cool green color of the peridot gemstone. Here are 7 best selling Peridot rings in both 14k gold and sterling silver that will add a dazzling splash of vibrant, fresh color to your ensemble!

Our first pick is a vintage reproduction from the late 1800s to late 1900s of a piece that one of our designers discovered from the original time period! We now use the same jewelry making tools to create brand new, stunning antique-style exact replicas from the era, as seen in our Vintage Filigree Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver.


1.75 Carat Oval-Cut Peridot & Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

1.75 carat oval peridot & diamond ring white gold

Our currently best selling peridot jewelry in gold is our 1.75 Carat Oval Peridot & Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. An oval-cut genuine and generous 10mm x 8mm peridot gem showcases as the ring’s centerpiece amid accent diamonds on each side set in a 14k white gold ring with etched accents on each side. Its simplicity and elegance of design has made this one of our top selling rings for the last several years!


Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver

vintage rose peridot ring

Another pick from our vintage reproductions and antique-style collection is our Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver. This piece, along with the fact that it is also made from original circa 1800s jewelry that we Providentially discovered, is the ornate and delicate floral and rose filigree designs that adorn the ring, along with the unusual and rustic dual prongs which hold the peridot gemstone centerpiece in place. This is a remarkably unique and beautiful piece that will be unrivaled by almost any vintage piece in your collection.


Peridot Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold

peridot solitaire ring white gold

It’s no wonder that our peridot gemstone solitaire ring is in our top 7 selling peridot gemstone rings. August children and birthstone enthusiasts are invariably drawn to the simplicity and sleek look of a simple solitaire ring set in 14k white gold. The gemstone is clear, full of vibrancy, and uncovered from needless design that can sometimes detract from the beauty of the simple gemstone when not crafted properly. Set with a large, 1 Carat solitaire, our peridot solitaire ring is also available for a modest markup with a 1.50 carat or 2.30 carat peridot center as well!


Art Deco Peridot Solitaire Ring

art deco peridot ring white gold

Our best-selling August pick #5 is Apples of Gold’s Art Deco peridot solitaire gemstone ring, which is available not only in 14k white gold (pictured above), but also as sterling silver peridot ring. Reminiscent of paisley floral designs of the 1920s, this Art Deco ring is one-of-a-kind and surprisingly affordable in both silver and gold. This ring also works not only as a standalone right-hand ring, but for those who prefer a gemstone engagement ring, it is perfectly suitable as a brilliantly creative peridot engagement ring.


Antique-Style Peridot Wedding Bridal Ring Set

No list would be complete with mention of wedding, engagement, and bridal ring sets. This ring is one of my personal favorites! From our gemstone bridal ring sets collection we feature our antique-style peridot wedding ring set for the bride. From our originals vintage collection, this piece features designs from the 1800s with its beautiful and delicate paisley and floral patterns embedded into both the engagement ring and bridal band. Prefer sterling silver? We also have it available a sterling silver peridot bridal wedding ring set.


Three Stone Peridot and Diamond Ring

There were several more pieces we had in mind and it was difficult not to include some of them, such as our peridot diamond pave halo ring (a must see!) or our classic heart-shaped peridot and diamond ring, but we chose to feature in this case our three stone peridot and diamond ring, featured above, because it has been a timeless best seller for us and those born in August appreciate it’s simple classy appeal paired up with white diamonds from our peridot and diamond rings collection, made in the popular princess-cut shape of the gem.

We hope you have found something you like. Every August woman deserves a delectable gift now and again; we hope you will consider these artistically crafted and precious gemstones from Apples of Gold.


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