Vintage Peridot Rings: A Bright Splash of Color for Time-Tested Styles 

Art Deco Peridot Ring 14K white goldWith its vivid color and lively sparkle, the peridot has the unique ability to add a splash of life to any style that features it. This striking feature is especially lovely in vintage peridot rings as the bright light green sparkle of this semiprecious gemstone refreshes these time-tested styles. Peridot’s summery hue has just a hint of gold, making it a lovely way to infuse these designs with a sense of growth and sunshine.

Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold

The 1 Carat Art Deco Peridot Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold brings the bright personality of peridot to a style that’s inspired by the 1920s, and that displays a perpetual sense of feminine elegance. A 6mm round peridot emerges from the center of a graceful lotus flower, surrounded by gleaming petals of 14K white gold. This never-fading blossom rises from a band that’s been carved with lively leaves and swirls, a motif that perfectly complements the life-filled sparkle of the peridot.

The Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold brings a big dose of green glimmer to a Victorian-inspired setting. An eye-catching oval-shaped peridot, 10mm wide and 8mm high, is the star of this antique-style ring and it’s held by a meticulously-crafted setting that oozes with feminine charm. Delicate flowers are carved into the band and under the gemstone, giving this ring a look that’s simultaneously sweet and sophisticated.Vintage Style Peridot and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

The Vintage Style Peridot and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is one of several of Apples of Gold’s Peridot and diamond rings that infuses a time-honored design with a pop of life courtesy of the peridot. This glamorous piece combines a 5mm round peridot with 64 diamonds to create a look that’s decidedly dazzling.

When set with peridot, vintage designs are anything but stuffy! These vintage peridot rings are proof that this lively stone can refresh a time-honored style.

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