White Topaz and Diamond Engagement Rings: A Double Dose of Colorless Dazzle 

Halo White Topaz and diamond Engagement RingWhite topaz engagement rings could easily be mistaken for diamond rings at first glance, and their ability to imitate the traditional engagement ring look makes them appealing to many. However, when white topaz and diamonds combine in a single style, the subtle differences between these two stones are showcased in lovely fashion, creating a subtle and glamorous twist on a range of looks. Let’s look at three diverse white topaz and diamond rings that display the beauty of two glittering white gems, one precious and one semiprecious.White Topaz and Diamond Accent Solitaire Engagement Ring

Vintage White Topaz and Heart Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldIn addition to their subtle twist on the traditional engagement ring stone, white topaz rings such as these lovely picks offer a big benefit to your budget: they can be purchased for significantly less than their all-diamond counterparts. For instance, the vintage style we just looked at costs less than half the price of the same ring when it’s set with a diamond in the center rather than a white topaz. For their unique and timeless beauty and their affordability, white topaz and diamond engagement rings are excellent options.

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