White Topaz Heart Rings: Expressions of Affection at Prices You’ll Love! 

07-22-2013 White Topaz Vintage Heart RingWith their colorless glimmer, white topaz rings might be mistaken for diamond styles at first. However, these pieces aren’t just stand-ins for those that feature the tradition white precious gem. With a beauty all its own, white topaz is a lovely gemstone in its own right, and designs that combine it with heart motifs are timeless ways to declare your affection in sparkling style, and at a significant savings when compared to diamond rings.

Engraved Hearts White Topaz Ring

The Vintage White Topaz and Heart Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold has a decidedly feminine personality as it showcases a meticulously-crafted design drawn from times past. A 5mm round white topaz is the centerpiece of this antique-style ring; it’s flanked by two delicate carved hearts, each of which is adorned with a small round accent diamond.

The Engraved Hearts White Topaz Ring pairs an eye-catching white topaz solitaire with a sweet engraved design that leaves no question about your affection. A row of tiny carved hearts points the way toward this style’s main attraction: a 6mm round white topaz that presides over this style as it sits securely in a timeless four-prong setting. Adorning the sides of this romantic ring are lively swirl motifs, while delicate milgrain edges add an extra measure of class.

White Topaz Heart Engagement RingWhite topaz engagement rings are excellent options when you want to pop the question but are on a tight budget or want to give a ring that’s ever-so-slightly out of the ordinary. For instance, the White Topaz Heart Engagement Ring is adorned with sculpted hearts that nestle closely together to create an emblem of the closeness of your relationship. A 6mm round white topaz presides over these symbols of love, drawing eyes with its lively sparkle.

Whether you choose them for their unique beauty or their affordable prices (or both!), white topaz heart rings are excellent ways to declare your love.

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